How to dress the girls which have A silhouette?

As a result of unsuccessful dieting many women write themselves into the category of losers and no longer look after them If you are one among them, then do it for nothing. No matter how full your body, it can look attractive. For this you need only to choose the right clothes. I checked it… Read More »

A Long Cardigan: Which to Choose and What to Wear With

Of course, a sweater is the main item of a cold season. But we would also add a cardigan here. And exactly an elongate one! Such one is a part of a lot of collections, and there are a lot of reasons for it. Firstly, a long cardigan will cover your loin: hard winds in… Read More »

Stylish geometry – trousers and shorts

Trousers and shorts “by the pattern” In this part of “Stylish geometry” we will give special attention to the most complex subject of wardrobe – trousers, as well as to their “close relatives”: shorts and overalls. To choose for oneself ideally sitting trousers is not an easy task but at the same time it is… Read More »

Main Rules of Choosing Women Bag

Purchase of women bag often can course some difficulties, because it’s necessary to choose the accessory which will match it’s owner individuality, style, practical needs. These factors not always blend: one bag can have a suitable appearance, but it’s functionality may not be so good. That’s why, it’s necessary, first of all, to identify the… Read More »

Ideal Dress

Dress is the most practical and the most difficult article of clothing at the same time. The reason of both qualities is one and the same attribute of the dress – it cover all the figure at once. Because of this, choosing a dress you should take into account all the features of your figure,… Read More »

Choosing Shoes for Jeans

Jeans is the most popular element of clothes. It exists I any wardrobe. Nowadays it serves not only as casual clothes, but also as clothes for going out. Putting on different jackets, blouses with jeans, we can easily change our look and style. But what should we do with shoes and how to choose it… Read More »

Styles and femininity in wardrobe

The article is about how to look feminine and how to determine the portion of femininity you need. Femininity is not given at the birth. It is an aggregate of feminine behavior, feminine senses and emotions and of course, feminine style in clothes. If in the remote past clothes for men and women differed radically,… Read More »

Country Style

The fire of the sunset… the prairie… soft breeze calms the hitted body… wild horses, scorched grass, golden sands, cacti, smoked saloons, young cowboys, silver handmade heelpieces, sheriffs… A lonely romantic Johnny wearing rubbed jeans and a checked shirt glances at a suntanned beauty…. The western we love, with all the risk, naivety and freedom… Read More »

Beach Clothes 2017

When their favourite fur-coats and high boots get into the far corner of the wardrobe, girls start dreaming about the joys of the coming summer: weightless colourful dresses, wood walks and, of course, beaches. In the summer women try to look attractive, seductive and little bit light-minded. The beach is the place where you can… Read More »

What wears with leopard skirt

A lot of time passed but leopard skirts have not become old-fashioned. Moreover, today they are still a main trend. Many girls doubt: “What to wear with a skirt of such color?” Don’t worry! There are a lot of beautiful combination, which have become classic. Today will show you the things, which fit the leopard… Read More »