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Trends in spring 2015
If you don’t know yet what colors will be in trend in spring 2015 then this article is about to help you to find it out. A lot of designers recommend being this spring bright, stylish and elegant at the same time. That is
Stylish and glamorous skinny jeans in 2015
Everyday wardrobe of a modern woman includes several irreplaceable things. What can be cooler than jeans? They flooded the modern fashion so much that we wear them even in the office and during evening saunters, though a correctly picked-up top is also important. Lately
Fissionable tendencies in spring of 2015
Every spring a girl dreams to look beautiful and fashionable. From the start of the season, this question is raised more burning especially when the weather is always changing and does not allow spring to come into its own and realize this aim by
Fashionable coats in spring of 2015
In spite of we anticipate the spring season as the threshold of summer, at this time in Ukraine the weather is cool. That is why we should not forget about warm clothing. It is clear why the designers of spring collections give their attention
Fashionable shoes in a spring-and-summer season of 2015: the main trends, colours and forms
We are always looking forward to spring and summer. Together with them, hopes of new life are awaken in our soul, girls become more sensible and romantic. We sort out our clothes and try to renew them one hundred per cent. Spring and summer
The most fashionable dresses for spring of 2015: evening and casual dresses
Are you terribly tired of autumn and slush? We advise you to think of good, pleasant, warm and fragrant summer. At the same time, at once you can choose suitable model for coming spring-and-summer fashionable season. You cannot do without bright apparel, after all
How to choose a fashionable skirt in 2015?
The skirt is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe that can make a girl romantic, feminine and sexy. And what the skirt will be the most fashionable in 2015? Skirts can be very diverse, so any will be able to find stylish, fashionable
Fashion trends of summer 2015
Despite the fact that summer will come soon, you have to prepare for it beforehand. So be sure to find fashion trends of the future summer season and start preparing. Before you start buying things and making summer wardrobe, find out the most fashion
With what to wear a shorts-skirt?
If you want to be feminine and attractive but prefer practicality in day-to-day life, you will definitely like the article of clothing called a shorts-skirt. With what is it worn? What is this? A shorts-skirt is exactly what the name implies: a hybrid of
Fashionable winter of 2014-2015
Every person of the fair sex tries to keep an eye for tendencies and changes in the modern fashion in order to look fashionable, stylish and interesting. For this, one should keep track of the world’s innovations as shown on fashion shows, because every
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