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Let’s be ready to summer. Fashion trends for spring-summer 2014: 20 bright trends
The color gamma, compared with the previous season, is much brighter and spring-like succulent. We are expected by completely new interpretation of already well-known trends, which allows a fresh look at familiar things. The last fashion Weeks in Milan, New York, London and Paris
Made in the USA: what is the American style?
American culture has flooded the world in the twentieth century, and this has affected all spheres of life, from politics and Economics to life and clothes. Distinctive features of American style always were been easy and comfort, so it quickly got scores of youth,
There is a fashion of summer 2014
The spring is around the corner, and that means it’s time, shook up closet, to go for fashionable novelties. But before shopping ladies just need to get acquainted with the last trends of the season. So, what will be in the trend in the
There are fashionable tops and sports shirts of spring-summer 2014
Summer is around the corner, and that means it’s time to refill your closet a few stylish tops. T-shirts and sports shirts are indispensable in hot season. Fashionable designers again make us happy their nonstandard opinions on these usual things. Collections Spring 2014 is
Sequins for the body
What are sequins? They are shining beautiful small rhinestones made from glass and plastic, they actually very much alike real precious stones therefore sequins may shine so nice under the sun! Now we can use sequins body, clothes, hair and nails. Let’s talk about
There is fashion of spring-summer 2014. Sarafans
It is difficult imagine one of the summer season without such a comfortable and convenient thing like sarafan. It‘ll help you out in the summer heat and allow to look gentle and feminine. What sarafans will be in fashion in this spring-summer season 2014,
Trendy women’s hats spring/summer 2014
The number of elements needed for the look of modern fashion girl is frowning from one season to another. Just five years ago there could be difficulties with choosing main parts of the clothes like dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, coats etc. Today accessories are
Trendy swimsuits spring/summer 2014
Designers have shown us their new collections for the swimwear spring/summer 2014. But we can travel all year round so let’s see what we can pick up from their creations queen of the beach. Remember that to be prepared to summer means not shopping
Trendy women’s accessories spring/summer 2014
New Year always brings some changes into our lives. And although such changes in our personal or corporate life could be not that really good, the wonderful fashion world always give us some gift for each new season. And that will wake up the
Blue coat: from azure to ultramarine
Classic blue coat of all shades and style is back to the world of high fashion! This spring you should forget about black and grey tones. We are going to tell you everything about trendy blue coats and accessories for them. Blue coat: from
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