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How to pick a scarf of a neckpiece
When several dozens of new scarfs in wardrobe have appeared and many mistakes during the shopping have been made, I received knowledge of some secrets – how to happily pick a neckpiece or a scarf for your neck. In this article I want to
Long cardigan: which to buy and what to wear with
Of course, sweater is the main item of cold season. But would also add here a cardigan. And, of course, elongated one! Such cardigan is present in many collections – and there are a lot of reasons for it. First, elongated cardigan also covers
Gloves — the second skin…
This wardrobe item, unfortunately, has lost its main purpose, delicacy and aristocraticism, that it was notable for in previous centuries… It has become a practical and ordinary item: now people wear gloves mostly for cold protection. But it doesn’t only warm up hands –
Creative inter-season: jewelry novelties from the East to the West
There is still a lot of time till the New Year after the eastern calendar, so eastern jewelers don’t hurry to relax, concentrating on the release of a new collection. And western jewelers in the vacation time draw conclusions preparing for three biggest international
Dress with deep cut-out on back. How to wear it?
Dresses with open back and decollete have always been women secret weapon for strong men seduction. Dresses with open back attract by its elegance, gracefulness, sexuality and edginess. Of course, when picking a revealing dress it is better to consider the figure peculiarities and
Test drive: transformer dress
Transformer clothing is not a new phenomenon in world of fashion. Personally for me this tendency was always interesting – there is a denying this clothes value, that can transform and that allows to try new images without buying new outfit. And coupled with
What to wear with colored pantyhose
In spring snowdrops appear in nature, and a “flower feast” begins in fashion. Women, having missed bright delicious tinctures in cold days, put on extraordinary stylish pantyhose with very different coloring. However, admirers of “classics” — nude and black pantyhose, persistently reject “clown dress”.
What to wear with spotty clothes
Spotty textiles are almost all the time on trend – only fits change! It is considered that spots suit all the representatives of fair sex regardless the age and constitution. The only thing that should be considered is a pattern color scheme and, of
How to pick leggings?
Leggings has become one of today’s wardrobe fancy things. This is a very comfortable, and at the same time a beautiful fashion item. But, even if it’s a very comfortable clothing type, sometimes you need to carefully analyze how does it fit to one
Fashion 2016: what everybody is talking about?
What will be fashionable in 2016? This is amazing how fast one fashionable tendency replaces another. Before you know it, your recently fashionable wardrobe has already become old-fashioned and you are not on trend at all. What fashion will be like in 2016? What
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