Working Sketches of Dresses for Beautiful Fashion Design

By | May 2, 2012

Working sketches of dresses can be such complicated thing that commonly done by professional fashion designers. Well, there are certainly many professional designers in this world who always create newer fashion designs everyday to fulfill the up to date news for fashion field. Numerous new fashion design concepts are provided including dresses.


Working sketches of dresses


Simple Way Working Sketches of Dresses

There are many simple ways to help you create your own dresses sketches. Even many fashion beginners also can do working sketches of dresses by themselves. What you will need is only paper and pencil to make the dress sketches. It is definitely such simple and cheap ways, isn’t it?

The first thing you should do is draw the whole body sketches on the paper. Ensure you have made the head, shoulders, waist, and legs. Before you done it, you have to consider the motion of your model and decide what should happen on the dress when you apply the motion in working sketches of dresses.

Improving the Way in Working Sketches of Dresses

The next step is by drawing slight vertical line on the waist to represent the dress line should be. The important point here is that you have to know that the dress is emphasized by the thing surround under the waist. Bold the line, give the shadow, and create few accent and texture on the working sketches of dresses to finish it.