With what to wear a shorts-skirt?

By | December 7, 2014

If you want to be feminine and attractive but prefer practicality in day-to-day life, you will definitely like the article of clothing called a shorts-skirt. With what is it worn?


What is this?

A shorts-skirt is exactly what the name implies: a hybrid of shorts and skirt. In front this garment looks like an absolutely normal, common skirt. Only if you examine it from the rear you will understand that it is, in fact, shorts.

What is this

The shorts-skirt was invented nearly two hundred years ago. It was worn mainly by athletic, active girls. For example, this skirt was very convenient for bicycle riding (back then this transport was in much demand). But it was nearly impossible to encounter the shorts-skirt worn by a girl in everyday life. However, it started to become more and more popular, and currently is in the wardrobes of many fashionistas.

What is this2

How to choose?

  • First of all, pick a length. This depends on the shape of your body and the degree of your liberatedness. If you are a slim and bold girl, you can wear a mini shorts-skirt which will open and showcase your legs. If your hips are too voluminous, it’s better to conceal them and choose a midi length. If you don’t like your knees, conceal them and choose a maxi-length shorts-skirt.
  • Season: in the summer it’s better to wear light fabrics, so purchase a chiffon or satin shorts-skirt for this season. A knit one is better for autumn. In winter you’d better warm up and choose a shorts-skirt made of cotton velvet, wool, tweed or another dense and warm material.
  • Style is no less important. In this case we mean not just your preferences, but the occasions for which you plan to wear the garment. For casual wearing, a country or casual style item is better. If you plan to go to work wearing it, choose a strict business style, with a simple cut and no superfluous details. For dating and parties, you should choose something feminine, romantic and bright.
  • Cuts can be very variable. A pleated shorts-skirt is very fun, cute and youthful. Strict lines and a simpler cut will make your image more serious. A shorts-skirt with a wraparound can be a special part of your image, and a flowing silhouette is extremely feminine and romantic. If you want something bright, choose an asymmetric cut.

How to choose

Whom does it become?

A shorts-skirt is a universal article of clothing which becomes everyone. But it looks an especially integral part of a wardrobe of a young, slim girl. However, the more shapely ladies should be careful with this item.

How to choose2

With what to wear?

What combinations of items with a shorts-skirt are fashionable? The universality of this article of clothing ensures a great choice of various combinations.

How to choose3

The upper part: several possible variants.

  • A short, midriff-baring top can be combined with a shorts-skirt with a heightened waistline.
  • Classical shirts and blouses will look all right with stricter models. They are better when tucked into the shorts-skirt.
  • With a denim shorts-skirt, you can wear form-fitting T-shirts, and it will look stylish. They can be decorated with tinsels, sequins, interesting prints or rhinestones.
  • Ones made of dense fabrics look harmonious with sweaters and turtlenecks.

possible variants

Tights: if you want to buy a shorts-skirt for autumn, winter or spring, you should pick tights to go with it.

  • With shorts-skirts of dark colors and straight or loose cuts, black dense or semitranslucent tights look fine. If the shorts-skirt is simple, patterned tights can be chosen.
  • If the skirt is complex, simple body-colored tights are better to pick.
  • Try to experiment and pick tights a tone or two lighter than the shorts-skirt. A full match in color may lead to the original item getting lost in the overall image.
  • You may wear gaiters over tights to make your image friskier.

shorts-skirt for autumn

Choosing footwear: any footwear can be combined with a shorts-skirt. But one should take style and cut into account. Let’s recount:

  • A romantic, flowing skirt can be worn with pumps on stable heels, or even stiletto heels, which make the image even more feminine.
  • Converse shoes or sneakers can be worn with a denim skirt. This will make the image athletic and youthful.
  • In cold seasons you can wear boots of various models with a shorts-skirt made of dense fabric. Narrow-legged, high-heeled boots can be worn with a strict-cut skirt. More wide-legged and stable boots, or even ones without heels, can be chosen to be worn with a casual shorts-skirt. Thigh-high boots will look ideally with a short shorts-skirt.
  • Flats can be worn with a casual knit or light cotton shorts-skirt.
  • Clean your ankle boots, they won’t look out of place, either.
  • High-heeled sandals will look good with summer romantic skirts of flowing fabrics, and “Roman” or “gladiator style” sandals, with simpler pieces of clothing.

Choosing footwear

Outerwear: in this category you can, too, choose anything.

  • A leather jacket will look bright, fashionable and beautiful with a shorts-skirt. An especially creative, bold and contrasting combination is wearing a motorcycle jacket and a feminine design of a shorts-skirt.
  • If you choose a stricter design, pick a coat. Any cut of coat will do: a fitted coat with a belt, a trapezoid coat, short or long straight coat, a military-styled coat, and so on.
  • Late spring and early autumn are good occasions to wear it with a suit jacket or blazer.
  • A cardigan is fine, too.
  • A bomber jacket will look nice with an athletic denim design of shorts-skirt.


Accessories: a shorts-skirt is an eye-catching accent by itself, but playing and experimenting with accessories is possible, too.

  • A bright belt will help to showcase the waist. The photo will help you see how such an accessory stands out and accents the most feminine part of the silhouette.
  • A handbag can be of any type, but pick it according to the style and design of the shorts-skirt and the rest of your ensemble.
  • Wear beads and large pendants on chains boldly. They shouldn’t be long, however, remember that. Some types of bracelets and earrings are fitting, too.
  • Pick a scarf or a neck kerchief.



  • Remember that the ensemble must be harmonious in color.
  • A black shorts-skirt is an universal item.
  • Do not wear long sweaters or blouses while trying on shorts-skirts. You should see the belt of the skirt, or at least the most part of it.