White Skinnies for Men: Daily Use

By | May 1, 2012

White skinnies for men will be look great if you can combine it with any accessories. Usually white skinnies are combining with the suspender. The suspender may come in the various colours. If the skinnies are in white, usually the suspender has black or any other dark colour. You can wear shirt on your top.


white skinny jeans for men

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The other combinations for white skinnies for men are hat. The most suitable or appropriate hat is the fedora hat. For your information, fedora hat is often use by Jason Mraz. Another type of hat which is very matching to wear with the skinnies is bowler hat. This kind of hat is like what you see in Charlie Caplin style. It will look great as well as fedora hat.


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The white skinnies for men are also matching with the vest in the top. You can choose the dark colour of vest, it will be better. It is still fine to choose the white colour for the vest, but please choose one which has ornament or pattern on it. It is done to avoid the monotonous colour between the top and bottom wear.

For the footwear, it is better for you to wear the loafers. Just like the vest, it will look good in the dark or black colour. If you want to wear the white one, you can choose loafers with stitching accent. When you wear the loafers, you will look more elegant while thee style is still casual. That is all about the white skinnies for men and its combinations.