What to wear with spotty clothes

By | February 3, 2015

Spotty textiles are almost all the time on trend – only fits change! It is considered that spots suit all the representatives of fair sex regardless the age and constitution. The only thing that should be considered is a pattern color scheme and, of course, its combination with various clothing models. We will try to give you some hints about what to wear with spotty clothes and what variants will be the best!

spotty clothes


Summer – spots time

Any summer flimsy spotty models (pinafores, blouses, dresses and even vests and shorts) look absolutely perfect. Clothes of this textile has one interesting feature: in combination with different shoes models it looks differently! For example, put on a spotty dress with flat peep-toes, sandals or slippers – it will look casual. Pick shoes or peep-toes on heels, exquisite purse to the same dress – it will turn into elegant at once! By the way, spotty clothes don’t require any specific shoe style – any models will fit them!

Be careful with spots in fall!

Of course, you shouldn’t refuse you favorite coloring in cold season, but it should be more well-balanced and exquisite.

Pay attention! Bright color combinations of spotty textile: red-white, yellow-green, pink-blue and other summer colors will be inappropriate in fall.

spots in fall 2015

spots in fall look spots in fall

Black-white, blue-white, grey-black and other intense colors combinations will be a good variant. With that make sure that you consider the cloth structure itself. Models of such coloring are mostly sewn with stockinet. It is very important for material, coloring and style to be harmonious.

Winter – time of dense texture clothes

The structure of close textures itself indisposes to “lively” colorings. However, we can find a compromise: a thin spotty blouse combining by color scheme will perfectly fit to warm monotone dress. Dense stockinet dress can be added with decoration elements: for example, collar and cuffs can be made of spotty textile.

dense texture clothes

Another variant – a dress, combined from two different cloths. Imagine how interesting and individually such fit style will look: the whole dress is sewn with dark stockinet and sleeves, collar and, may be, a part covering the decollete area are made of spotty textile! !

Pay attention! Vast cloth scarf or spotty neckerchief carelessly thrown over shoulders will be a perfect variant for warm winter dress.

Bright spots or pale, big or small?

Bright spots 2 Bright spots

It is impossible to give an unambiguous answer to the question, for whom different coloring variant will suit, because all depends on the cloth model, its style and textile structure. However, it is preferable to consider some rules:

  • The smallest spots won’t fit to chubby women, it’s also not preferable for them to pick clothes with big spots.
  • Too small spotty pattern can “ripple” – such textile is better to use for trimming. Cuffs, collars, belts, frills can be made from it. The dress sewn completely with such material can “lose” because of its mottling.
  • As spotty textile mostly includes two colors, it is preferable not to add a third one – considering the mottling of the main pattern, it can look excessive. In other words, if you wear a spotty black-white pinafore or dress, the shoes should be of one color – either white, or black one. The same is for other color combinations.

Widgets to spotty clothes

For summer variants bijouterie will be irreplaceable. It is also preferable for it to combine not only with one of the main colors, but also with the pattern itself. Round clip-on earrings of a pattern “spot” size will look perfectly, plastic bracelets in tune to the textile will suite. Variants from even number of bracelets or beads rows of the spotty material color will look individually.

Widgets to spotty clothes 2 Widgets to spotty clothes 3 Widgets to spotty clothes


Pay attention! Picking widgets to spotty clothes of other seasons it is preferable to remember an iron clad rule: no “geometry”! In other words, don’t put on rhombus- or square-shaped clip-on earrings, earrings, pendants. Any rounded shapes will perfectly fit: hoop earrings, earrings with pearl beads.

When picking widgets for spotty clothes try to avoid jewelries with precious and semiprecious stones mountings, unless not they combine with textile colors.

Now you know what to wear with spotty clothes and how to pick accessories and widgets to it. We advise you to certainly have at least several models with such coloring in your wardrobe collection. Clothes sewn with contrastive textile with pretty “circles” give women a special charm, allow to accentuate all the figure perfections, or, with specific cut, to cover some imperfections!