What to wear with colored pantyhose

By | February 8, 2015

In spring snowdrops appear in nature, and a “flower feast” begins in fashion. Women, having missed bright delicious tinctures in cold days, put on extraordinary stylish pantyhose with very different coloring. However, admirers of “classics” – nude and black pantyhose, persistently reject “clown dress”. And it’s wrong, because colored pantyhose together with properly picked clothes will not only ornament your image, but also visually lengthen your legs and reduce its size.


Knowing how and what to wear with pantyhose you can perfectly fir it into your style. Good clothes tincture combination will protect you from ridiculous extravagance and motley.

How to distinguish pantyhose? The tighter the pantyhose texture, the brighter and deeper its color. Low thickness of this garment peace will create a delicate color.

Rules of pantyhose combination

colored pantyhose

Rules, created by stylists-professionals, should be taken into account when picking “pantyhose of your temper”.

Color combination

Color combination


bright shoes Having ornamented

  • If you want to amaze everybody with bright colored pantyhose, its combination with black, grey, brown or other dark top will create a stylish elegant simple image.
  • Having ornamented your image with accessories of the same “delicious” color as pantyhose – with bijouterie, belt, scarf or clutch, you can achieve a pleasant harmony, but it is important to consider that professionals accept a combination of three colors maximum.
  • Pantyhose, picked in tune to bright shoes, dress or skirt visually lengthen legs, giving charm to your image. However, there shouldn’t be harsh horizontal lines – belts or strings, so they don’t “cut” visually legs length.
  • White pantyhose color help you to create exquisite fragile image. Such fashion trend perfectly combines with denim shorts or skirts, tunics or knitted wear. However, designers don’t recommend women with ample curves to “burden” their figure with white pantyhose, because they visually widen the size, what makes the fattiness more visible.
  • Silver colored pantyhose will become go-to-meeting modern variant of this season. Jean-Paul Gaultier’s collection with silver lurex pantyhose has shown that they look perfectly with any wardrobe color, ornamenting legs for parties or night clubs.
  • Fashionable pantyhose of yellow, purple, pink, turquois, mustard and many other tinctures with spotty or checked pattern look luxurious. Bright harmonious clothes print in its entirety or an element in it – of the same check pattern, of the same spots color will be a perfect accompaniment.
  • Colored pantyhose look fresh and cockily with skirt or overknee dress. In this case they attract attention and don’t look slangy.
  • Harmonically picked ensembles of several tinctures of the same color is a difficult task even for a professional. It is better to pick contrast tinctures, it will simplify the task and make you look brightly and stylishly.
  • For casual use pick style “casual”: classic suit and pantyhose with not too bold pattern of dark-blue, green, beige, grey or black color
  • Light-grey or white pantyhose can be combined with lacy clothing elements, with knitted or denim skirts. Such dress will fit funny and a bit ironic representatives of the fair sex.
  • Pastel-olive pantyhose color has generated lots of buzz in romantic women with its inimitable charm.
  • Stockings and pantyhose with checked or spotty black, vinous, grey or brown pattern – this is a trend of actual season. They slenderize and lengthen women legs, perfectly harmonize with shoes and clothes of the same color.
  • Even classic nude pantyhose models have assumed bronze “suntan”. Their combination with warm wardrobe tinctures give your image harmonious finishing touch.

Texture combination

Texture combination


fashion tendencies

  • Monotone pantyhose with “tatoo” imitating patterns – this is a present fashion trend. Monotone pastel or dark wardrobe together with such pantyhose will give style and elegence to your image.
  • Pantyhose with alphabetic print, with animalistic (animal), floral pattern or abstract print look unusually and pretty. Monotone skirts and dresses of neutral tinctures fit perfectly to it.
  • Pantyhose with beautiful fancywork, vertical lines or dimensional pattern also harmonize with dark or pastel wardrobe, because they are a “bright spot” in image themselves, according to fashion designers.
  • Cellular pantyhose handle, prints and patterns on it make skinny legs of young fashion-mongers look more delicious, and ladies of mature age should avoid it, according to stylists.
  • Continuing fashion tendencies of previous seasons, designers have proposed again high knee socks of dark colors and large knitting of grey and pastel tinctures to pantyhose or stockings. In cool spring day socks or gaiters can be rolled up over shoes.
  • Stockinet and cellular models look mystically with jackboots or high boots and flimsy cardigan (jacket).

Highlighting key points properly you can pick any accessory to pantyhose color and handle. What shoes or what to wear with pantyhose? Only with womanish models: heel or wedge height doesn’t matter, you unerring taste will suggest you a perfect variant. You should avoid only sport or casual shoes – ankle boots and snickers.