What Is Phalanx Ring?

By | February 18, 2017

Phalanx rings had came from the ancient times. They were first introduced to the modern fashion by well-known designer Jean-Paul Gaultier who presented ring for the last phalanx, which imitaded the nail. Later, Alexander McQueen fashion house had offered something like brass knuckles: several rings fitted around the hand. Today phalanx rings are popular again.

Phalanx ring due its design and structure can be worn on two phalanx of the same finger (or on two fingers). This stylish accessory underlines the beauty of woman’s hands and brings exotic and special charm to the whole look.

phalang ring
There are two main types of phalanx rings: long (or all-finger) rings and midi rings (neat rings that should be worn on the top or middle phalanx).
These rings are made from various materials – from cheap (bronze, silver, steel) to precious metals decorated with gems. Thus, it is always possible to choose the model and style according to your budget. All-finger rings, as a rule, should worn on long fingers: forefingers or middle fingers and rarely – on the ring fingers or little fingers.
Phalanx rings are considered as unisex. There are some differences between men’s’ and women’s. Men’s rings are rough with brutal decoration or without it. Women’s models are usually decorated with the pattern and looks more delicate.
Luxury and elegance are main trends this season, thanks to designers.
Lots of brands (Love Rocks, Tiffany & Co., Guess, Gaia Repossi, Eddie Borgo, Mango, Erickson Beamon, Maison Martin Margiela, Dominic Jones, Diva, Centro, Asos, Chanel and many others) offer expensive two-phalanx rings and modest, but bright midi models.


Very stylish model: spring-looked ring that is decorated with different transparent crystals or from specially stylized metal with bright, colorful crystals.
For evening events manufacturers offer rich collections of rings from gold with treated gems, for example, black and white diamonds, rubies or emeralds.
And finally, new trend of this season – stylish and original rings for all phalanxes and even nails. Neat rings, which are decorated with gems has become the season’s must-have. This trend will cover not only current season, but will be on top in the upcoming, experts suppose.

How to Wear Phalanx Rings?

All likers must remember that these rings are not combined with long nails. The best variant is phalanx ring with modest manicure and short nails.
Please note that phalanx rings should not be blended with the business style. They looks ideally with grunge style clothes, which is popular for last several seasons.
Do not wear too much rings! Maximum limit is 7 small items.
Do not mix silver and golden jewelry.
Phalanx rings are very effective and will necessarily attract the attention to your hand and nails. So, please care about your manicure and skin beforehand. Use discreet colors of the nail polish. Otherwise, it will eclipse your jewelry.