What is fashionable to wear in winter 2017?

By | January 10, 2017

In the cold season, the main purpose of clothes is heat retention. However, don’t forget about the appearance. Even in the warm clothes, you need to look stylish and elegant. In this article, we will tell you that it is fashionable to wear in winter 2017 and remain in the trend.

Colors and prints


Classic black, as always, in the trend and brown and deep blue, emerald, gold, wine, mustard, red, purple and others.in the winter season the prints not relevant, but without popular cells and strips to do this season.



One of the main trends of this season can called layering. It consists in using several items of clothing at once. This trend was represented by Diana Kvariani, Vaska, George Amirejibi, Gola Damian, Eloshi.


A lot of texture

Another trend, which not in a hurry to leave the fashion shows is a lot of texture. Its essence is to use different materials when sewing certain pieces of clothing. This, for example, the combination of leather and fur, silk and lace, knitted fabrics, velvet, and more. Aika Alemi, Eloshi, Lalo, Avtandil, Alexander Arutyunov – representatives of this trend.





Oversize doesn’t cease to be popular. This applies to coats, jackets, vests and other items of clothing. Clothing in this style has a loose cover and it looks like several sizes too big for you. It is not necessary to buy normal stuff not their size, as they will still sit on you correctly. Vaska, George Pantsulaia, Ruban, Dalood by Ani Datukishvili used this still of their shows.



Discussing what is fashionable to wear in winter 2017, the first place are, of course, coats and jackets. More popular and budget option of outerwear is coat. Left fashionable coat without fur inserts. Fur may be present at cuffs, collar, hood and hem. Also, the trend coat without sleeves, with puffed sleeves or off the shoulder. For warmer weather, the designers have prepared for fashionistas cloaks of leather or bright shiny fabric. Alisa Kuzembaeva, Aika Alemi, George Pantsulaia, George Amirejibi, Gvantsa Janashia, Aka Nanita has provided us with styles outerwear.

Knitted clothing


Not alone the winter season will not be without a warm sweater and woolen clothes. We are talking about cardigans, sweatshirts, sweaters, and skirts and dresses. As for the cardigans, the shows present a variety of styles: long and short, with sleeves or without, narrow and incredibly voluminous.


What is still fashionable to wear in winter 2017? Of course, pants. In the trend, as the narrow and tight cuts straight and wide. Fancy pants was at the shows Diana Kvariani, Vaska, George Pantsulaia, Schiaparelli, Tatyana Parfionova, Walk of Shame.


Fashionable skirts season winter 2017 attract the attention of the brightness of the used fabrics and unusual textures. In the trend of these styles: pencil skirt, trapezoidal and straight. Diana Kvariani, Aika Alemi, George Amirejibi, Alexander Arutyunov, Aka Nanita, Lako Bukia has pleased us with the original models.