What is fashionable this season in the spring and summer?

By | April 12, 2015

Clothing plays a significant role in our lives. Although, seemingly, only the fabric, just some, for example, a shirt. But it is the correct style, the combination of colors in the outfit, as well as harmonious accessories help a person feel more confident. (Believe in your own strength will help a great book Rashid Terranova “How to become confident in 3 months”)

Clothing – this is your second “I”. That’s how you are, present to the society, you can say and how they Express their inner world.

fashionable summer 2015

And, of course, to look your best, perfect and stylish for lady fashion should be monitored. And she is a capricious lady, in winter promotes one color scheme, in the spring – another… to be, as they say, in the subject, let’s see what is fashionable this spring and summer. Clothes don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but use a style and color in the outfits of the season – these fashionable rules will be adhered to by anyone.

So, let’s start with color. A favorite of this collection are bright blue color. Clothing saturated blue hues, from deep electrician to pale blue color; this year should definitely be in your wardrobe. Moreover, this color is almost everything: blonde, redhead, brunette. (All probably heard of such a thing as the color type. One person’s that are shades, other second. Figure out your color scheme will help the article “How to determine your type of appearance” website “Solar hands”),

It joins blue and rich green color.

fashionable summer 2015

Those who feel in bright clothes uncomfortable and prefer something more quiet and not flashy, fashion dictates to dress in pale purple, lavender color. And there are in pistachio and soft gray.

Lovers of Sunny colors can also rejoice in this season’s hits are considered to be yellow, bright red, orange. As for the models, the designers this year decided to go back to the 60-70 years. The favorite is the retro style. Therefore, holders of a slim figure can wear mini skirts, tight fitting pants, asymmetrical tops, emphasizing the silhouette. Still are ruled by denim. (If your figure is far from perfect, but you’d like to drop a few pounds will help the advice of the author of the website “Solar hands” Irina Donskaya, which she has shared in the article “How to lose weight? There are psychological secrets of motivation”).

Along with the fashion of the past comes up and fashion of the future. How do you like the idea to don the outfit of metallic fabric?! A kind lady from outer space, UV, silver and white colors of shiny and iridescent material that is fashionable this season.

There is popular in this season are and ethnic motifs. Moreover, the intricate print on the fabric, the more fashionable outfit. African patterns, weaving and combination squares, ethno ornament Slavic peoples – all this is very fashionable in spring / summer 2014.

Those for who ease of priority will find their preferences in the collection of trendy outfits sporty. This year designers have created a sport styled dresses, which comfortable, simple but at the same time not allowing the girl to look like a boyish.

fashionable summer 2015

Well, and who is the follower of the romantic style, is to acquire an outfit of translucent fabrics. It is also the hit of this year’s spring and summer season. Chiffon, lace – from such materials should be sewed dresses, blouses, pants. It seems that leading designers without hesitation decided to put the female figure on display.

Of course, not everyone can wear such skimpy dress, so as a fashionable alternative to the perfect white dress simple cut. No frills and prints. However, the image obtained airy, feminine, romantic and heartfelt. (And to this dress, I recommend to pick up accessories. They will be the very highlight which will distinguish you from the crowd. What accessories are out of fashion now? Learn from THIS ARTICLE on the website “Solar hands”)

Spring evenings are cool, so a walk through the city you should take with a short jacket-a jacket. And in order to look fashionable, jacket is collarless. Rounded bezel, opening the neck – what you need this spring.

Another spring fashion trend is black and white jackets. Moreover, the priority of a white jacket with contrasting black cuffs and collar.

By the way, along with a black and white jacket this spring fashion experts recommend to have in your wardrobe and skirt with a black and white print. Moreover, the style of the skirt should be lush.

For spring walks are ideal and jumpsuit. Leading designers hard at promoting their collections jumpsuits solid colors, and bright, saturated with a fun print on fabric.

As mentioned above, this year is considered the favorite bright saturated blue. Now, in pants material from the bright blue color you will look like a true fusionist. The style trousers are wide and straight.

Accessories perfectly emphasize and complement the image. And what is summer without a main of them – sunglasses?! You should purchase points with a mirror coating. Current colors: blue, green and red.

Another fashion accessory is a wide belt. It may be a belt in the form of a corset, with a massive buckle in the middle, of a material which is wrapped several times around the waist.

To be fashionable is not so difficult. Enough is to follow design trends. But the most important thing to know which style suits you. After all, the pursuit of fashion does not always make people organic. If you don’t there is a particular style, what would you be ultra-trendy, the image will look rather losing than winning. Have a sense of proportion, which cut is right for your figure, and the color suits the type of appearance.