What do you need to know about kitten heels?

By | May 16, 2013

Now you can breathe out with a joy – this Spring/Summer season trend is comfortable low heels. So, now ladies we are able to wear elegant shoes without sprain risk. Hurray!

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A bit of history

So called kitten heels is nice comfortable shoes with low heels 2.5-5 cm, it was very popular somewhere in 50-s/60-s years of last century. Primarily this footwear was designed for female teenagers purposely because high heels were meant only for adults. But later on women of all ages realized how comfortable these shoes could be with their two main features – being elegant and being comfortable at the same time. These shoes became the most favourite foot wear of Odri Hepburn, and they dominated a fashion world till 80-s when were overturned by high heels.

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Kitten Shoeskitten heels

Do not worry, you are not going to miss the trend because quite a few of world famous brands are getting back to the kitten heels. To name a few:

– Christian Louboutin

– Gucci

– Louis Vuitton

– Jimmy Choo

– Stella McCartney


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What can kitten heel be combined with?

Yeah, this is the main question… But you can relax as for now, because shoes with kitten heels are universal. We must say that every girl must have kitten heels shoes of black, brown and grey colours: these colours can be combined with almost everything (no, no – those plush comfy sporty suits you better put aside, okay?), especially it looks great with maxi-sweaters and skinny-jeans, with classic pants suits, with straight cut jeans folded till ankles, with elegant dresses 60-s style, and as well with free-size clothes.

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Celebrities shoes

Celebrities wearing kitten heels

– Michelle Obama

– Lady Gaga

– Selena Gomez

But with branded shoes with kitten heels you need to be more careful. For example, Louis Vuitton shoes are tricky regarding combining. You have to pay attention to colour, heel’s shape, and other small details of particular shoes, and in terms with that only you can try to pick up colours of your clothes and accessories. If your shoes are too bright and have some additional details as shoe buckles or very extravagant print, than perhaps you need to get clothes of one colour and just add something bright the same colour as shoes, it could be, for example, vintage brooch, handbag or hair band.