Western Clothing for the Best Cowboy Look

By | May 2, 2012

Western clothing has specific characteristic on the attire style. Those characteristics typically related to the western countries such as Texas. Can you give us several things that identical with Texas? Yes, the cowboy. You certainly have seen how the cowboys style themselves with the western attire. The main things you should wear when you prefer to represent the cowboy style are long boots, jeans, and shirt.


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Western Clothing for Women

In this world surely must contain of both genders man and woman. It is the same as the western clothing which designed in two versions according to the gender. The unique thing of western style is the women looks so strong with some pieces of western clothes.


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Jeans in various colors will work better in this style, but the lighter color on jeans will be better such as light blue, blue, or blue-grey. Shirt with long or short sleeves provided in various style and color. It will look better for larger shirt with checkers accent to complete the western clothing.

Western Clothing for Men

It is the same as like the women do on their fashion design for the western attire with jeans and shirt. Let’s mention other western things which should be worn by both men and women in western style. Boots and large cowboy hat in sand color would be perfect to complete the western clothing.