Wedding Dresses from Carmela Sutera Bridal

By | May 25, 2012

Finally the come has come, you are arrive at the big point of your life to became a bride. But, stop the overwhelming feeling then start the search to find the right one or maybe you have falling with

Carmela Sutera bridal

. A little tips is when you finally decide which gown that you adore, please keep the file or go straight to the boutique.


carmela sutera bridal 2011

carmela sutera bridal

The next step is choosing what kind of style that appropriate for the holy ceremony. A long length dress in ivory, or champagne color is suitable for the formal wedding obviously with gloves and a train for the elegant look. But if you dreaming about a less-formal wedding, you can try short dress and paired with a classic cute and chic pillbox chat. Carmela Sutera bridal offering a silk tafetta and ivory silk wedding dress for the formal one.  Pleated chiffon and Lace silk in simple cutting for the casual wedding party.


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carmela sutera bridal collection

The important tips for choosing the right wedding dress is, knowing your body shape then check and make sure the dress allowing you to walk, turn, sit easily and bend comfortably. So overall the comfort and confidence as the big point got you in the inside. And the solution is here, suit yourself with Carmela Sutera bridal.