Vintage Costume Jewelry: little things with their own history

By | September 24, 2013

It is well known that fashion is quite fretful and changeable. Little things with their own history positively reflect ladies` individual style. This fact explains popularity of these things named vintage.

vintage 3

Vintage jewellery taken out of the old forgotten chests are worth their weight in gold

However if you urgently need to stand out such jewellery can be found at flea markets. It is much easier to buy vintage jewellery in specialized stores or over the internet. But it`ll be a well-made copy and not a genuine vintage.

vintage 2

One more way to sport such adornments is to try to make them yourself.

Some examples of handmade vintage jewellery are listed below:

vintage 4

Here we use Swarovski, vintage pendants and open work filigree bended around Swarovski . It isn`t very difficult to make this very impressive item yourself.

Also, vintage stamps can be used in vintage costume jewellery. These stamps can be stuck to the surface of a stone, glass or filigree. There are various kinds of stamps:  butterflies , flowers, and elves , dragons , and many others. For example a mermaid is used here.

Besides above-listed elements cameos, cabochons and rhinestones are also frequently used  in vintage style.


Cameos in the contemporarily understanding are in relief multi-colored images on a flat surface. Just on the jewellery you can see the acrylic cameo with the girl image.

Cabochons resemble cameos in shape, one side of a cabochon is always flat, and the second one (obverse) has rounded, faceted or figured shape .

There are also other elements helping to create vintage costume jewellery. Settings are basic frames, in which cabochons or cameos are inserted or pasted. To make jewellery with their help is even easier. You need  only to find the right size of cabochons or cameos . There are also special settings for rhinestones.


This jewellery fascinates, brings joy and gives a special charm to appearance of their owner.