Victorian Dresses in Modern Era

By | May 22, 2012

You can still see loads of Victorian dresses in this modern era. People are very appreciative about the fashion from the Victorian era because they are all gorgeous. That’s why people do their best to make the best of the Victorian fashion in this modern era.


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Victorian Dresses for Halloween Costume

Halloween is that time of the year where you are allowed to dress up. That’s why many people wear Victorian dresses as their Halloween costume. You can wear the fashion from the Victorian era as a vampire, or as Romeo or Juliet, or as one of the character from the three musketeers.


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You can get the inspiration to wear Victorian dresses for Halloween from anywhere. You can look it up from the internet or movies or even books. The key is to get creative with the costume so you can get the best Victorian look.

Victorian Dresses in Entertainment

There are many movies and TV shows with the Victorian era theme. You can see in movies like Sherlock Holmes, Three Musketeers, Dark Shadows where they have the Victorian era setting and also with the Victorian fashion. You can also see the Victorian dresses in a music video from Taylor Swift called Love Story which basically about Romeo and Juliet.