Victoria Beckham Style: How to Dress like Her

By | April 26, 2012

Victoria Beckham is known as the most influenced person when it comes to fashion, that is why many people would like to dress up in Victoria Beckham style. Her fashion sense inspires many girls and women in the world. There are some steps you should do to be like Victoria Beckham; not like the wannabe, but more like your own elegant style with a little Victoria Beckham’s style in it.


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Victoria Beckham Style: the Dress

If you intend to dress up in Victoria Beckham style, you should tailor your own dress. It is because Victoria Beckham never wears the common dress with mainstream style. She also stated that she’d like to buy the dresses in Gap Kids and cut them up in and changed the whole style of the dresses. The style of the dresses should show more skin in top or bottom. Yet, open top or bottom should never be worn at the same time. Choose one of them in one time.


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Victoria Beckham Style: the Style

You can try the vintage shop to hunt the dress in Victoria Beckham style. It is because shopping in the vintage shop is the favorite thing of Victoria Beckham when she does the shopping. Do not forget to wear the sunglasses since it is the trademark of Victoria Beckham.

For another accessory, do not forget to bring the popular designers’ bag. It is because Victoria is never out without a bag or purse. Wearing the loud lingerie is also the best choice since Victoria never let her bra shown though she is wearing the white tank top. After you have put those on, you can be yourself with a touch of Victoria Beckham style.