Victoria Beckham Heels Ideas for Stylish Look

By | June 26, 2012

Victoria Beckham heels ideas should be so attractive to know since she is a beautiful singer who always up to date in her fashion style. Although she is not active enough in her singing career, she currently becomes designer and activist in fashion field. With her glorious and elegant fashion style, many women in the world follow her fashion style as inspiration. It is including her choice on the high heels ides.

Victoria Beckham Heels 2012 style

7 Inches Victoria Beckham Heels Style

As a good mother for four children, Victoria Beckham always looks fresh in her stylish fashion style. 7 inches Victoria Beckham heels style can be your fashion inspiration to recreate Victoria’s fashion style. In her semi formal look, she is holding her baby daughter in 7 inches pump high heels.

Victoria Beckham Heels on the red carpet

Pink short dress with short sleeves looks adorable suiting her cream 7 inches Victoria Beckham heels. Long natural brown wavy hair cut looks perfect on her with brighter highlight. The best accent created on Victoria’s semi formal look is calm and pretty mother look. You can also read New fashion trends 2012 in this site.

Victoria Beckham Heels

Higher Victoria Beckham Heels on Stilettos

Black stilettos in higher height than Victoria Beckham’s 7 inches high heels look elegant with her black leather jacket. Black skinny jeans complete her appearance in very high stilettos. We think you might find the higher Victoria Beckham heels on other fashion style of her.