Trendy women’s hats spring-summer 2017

By | June 22, 2014

The number of elements needed for the look of modern fashion girl is frowning from one season to another. Just five years ago there could be difficulties with choosing main parts of the clothes like dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, coats etc. Today accessories are grabbing the main attention. Stylish look means using not one or two accessories only, it means you have to thoroughly think about colour and shape of the belt, scarf for the neck, even jewelry, tights, stockings and hats. Even make-up and manicure will be added to such list requiring attention. Even though they are not accessories yet the fashion world has a huge impact on them, and to be honest that’s just another headache for the trendy girls.

hats womans

Hats, caps, hairbands or actually anything you can put on the head are the latest fashion trends and tendencies. And if earlier original hairstyle or haircut was the main head decoration, nowadays trendy girls will not go out with putting something on the hair. Such accessories are good for any style – sport, casual, elegant, evening. So, thanks to designers but we have no choice: we must buy something for our head and hair together with other things for the spring/summer season of 2014. And it will be the most stylish detail for your future look.

Wide fields hats

Only last year wide fields hats became a fashion trend and gained popularity. You probably could have seen them everywhere and on everyone – young starlets, mature grannies, beautiful and not so beautiful ladies. Stylists were not able to stand it anymore and they protested.

Wide fields hat Wide fields

So, spring and summer 2014 will allow you to wear hats only in proper places and time. High quality hat is not something cheap like plastic, it requires thorough choice of clothes, environment and even you need a good reason to wear it actually. That sounds funny but really you cannot wear nice hat to go to the bakery. Remember that..

Hats with narrow fields

Hats with narrow fields, or granny’s hats are now trend. They are very decent hats but are able to make you look funny and vibrant. They will be ideal add-on to a look of magalopolis urban girl alongside with light coat, parka, jeans jacket, knitted sweater or sweatshirt. Try to combine that hat with dress with collar and cuffs and boots with wide heels. By that you will get authentic stylish look, but your clothes should look like it was just taken out of old wardrobe. Designers offer to try to imagine yourself in perspective like for example how would your own granny look like in her 20-s?

with narrow fields with narrow

Straw hats

Straw hat have some flirty funny features, they are not so serious as solid heavier wide field s hats. Any girl who is going for summer vacation will definitely need such straw hat, at least one for the nice holiday on the sea, in the village, in the mountains. Such hat needs to be paired with romantic style in general including light country accent. You will have to get long skirts and summer dresses, dresses a la shirts, wide silk skirt-pants, flat sandals and some flowers to hold in the hands. Any pretty girl wearing straw hat, tender and soft – this will be the fully blown feminine look for the season spring/summer 2017. So, once you have straw hat it will be much easier for you to create such look.

Straw hat Straw hats Straw


Yeah, sure, some people may think caps cannot be something novel and trendy. Then they are totally wrong! Till now caps are very popular. Designers offer various models of them – with thorns, buttons, applications, comics, gratifies, vibrant bright images and even quotes. Probably the most famous caps are those belong to the rap-singers, they are a bit wider and have more volume. They are suitable with casual style and even for dresses.

Cap Caps medium Caps

Classic caps will be great to wear in spring/summer 2014 only with sport clothes.


Hat Hats Miss Hats

Beanie hats are going to be popular at any time of the year, even during warm weather. Yes, it’s all about to make some sacrifice in the name of fashion. This accessory along with caps came from the same subculture and has been noted. These hats are not worn to make you feel warm (but of curse you could do that during cold weather, too) but to be trendy. Fashionable girls in upcoming season are definitely going to wear hats Beanie together with knitted long dress a la singlet and sneakers, jeans and sweatshirts, knitted and velvet suites, leather jackets. Trendy hats 2014 could be monochrome or could be decorated with different patterns, pictures, applications, stones, metal and plastic elements.