Trendy women’s accessories spring/summer 2017

By | June 4, 2014

New Year always brings some changes into our lives. And although such changes in our personal or corporate life could be not that really good, the wonderful fashion world always give us some gift for each new season. And that will wake up the inner shopaholic in us. Most likely you got to know already about new trends and tendencies regarding clothes and shoes, now it s time to enlighten yourself about accessories. As you know, accessories are those little things without which you cannot create any look even with the most trendy outfit.


This review will help you to understand what exactly the fashion world is preparing for you for the season of spring/summer 2017 and to decide which novel ideas could be suitable for you personally.

Trendy sunglasses spring/summer 2017 for women

This season sprig/summer 2014 trendy sunglasses are going to be bright and noticeable. The simplest models will be just variations of so called cat’s eye, and others will have greater degree of being unique. To get fashionable and stylish sunglasses you have to buy only unusual one. It will be great to get sunglasses of round shape of any size, as well as various broken shapes like triangle, rectangle, pentacles, but frame should be wide, bright and noticeable.

sunglasses spring

Also will be good to get tinted sunglasses with teardrop shape, metal frame and of course classic sunglasses.


Trendy handbags for season spring/summer 2017

The main novelty in this area of fashion will be knitted and woven handbags. Some country elements may be seen in many clothes and shoes collections for the season spring/summer 2014, so those above mentioned handbags will be nice addition to your new look. Another trend is leather and fabric handbags with added woven and knitted elements. You can even find something in-between clutch and tiny handbag with long handles, they are known as handhelds, or mini-bags.


Meanwhile note that clutches and handbags with long handles are still in trend, too.


2017 bought to us bags of very interesting shapes, many of them has quite straight forms or made as geometric figures. Colour schemes are really great, too, various brands offer as natural colours as bright and pastel.

Trendy women’s wallets for spring/summer 2017

Wallets, name cards holders, key bags, covers for smartphones and tablets have become very important accessories for women alongside with handbags and sunglasses. Of course usually they are all brought together with thee handbag or at least share with it some fashion tendencies.

Trendy women’s watches for the season spring/summer 2017

For many years hand watches have been not only functional and useful device but also beautiful accessories that now became must-have for any woman.



watches woman

watches summer



Spring/summer season 2014 will make sure that trend is with watches of minimalism design and metal frame. Shape could be round, square or rectangle; size may vary from miniature to large. Also trend will include watches decorated with rhinestones and crystals. They will look as real jewelry and become great addition to the evening gown. Another great choice is sport watches which meant to be used while on vacations, sport activities or even just walk.


Trendy fashion jewelry spring/summer 2017

Real or fashion jewelry is a must to make your look complete and full. Designers offer pay attention not only to earning, bracelets and rings but to brooches, pendants, necklaces, pins and many other stylish things. In various new collections you will be able to find funny fashion jewelry ideally matching casual style as well as sophisticated real jewelry for the evening gown.


jewelry summer



Trendy hair pins for spring/summer 2017

Hair accessories have become a huge trend by now. Tendency to decorate hair with various pins, hair bands, brooches are still with us. Designers shown the latest collection dedicated to the hair accessories – so, you have really great choice to be spoilt with.

hair pins for springhair pins



Trendy women’s belts for spring/summer 2017

Belts – wide and narrow, short and long, chains, braces and other accessories meant to highlight your waist line are really trendy now. Functional belts are still popular but the favourites are accessories with some decoration. So, do not forget to choose one or few nice belts for upcoming season.

belts for spring



Trendy scarves and palatines for spring/summer 2017

palatines for spring

Scarves, snoods and palatines will be very stylish and useful female accessories for the upcoming season of spring and summer 2017. They will help to complete your look as well as to warm you during colder weather. Spring/summer collections 2014 include a lot of funny shapes and colours for such accessories.

palatines spring