Trendy swimsuits spring/summer 2017

By | June 15, 2014

Designers have shown us their new collections for the swimwear spring/summer 2017. But we can travel all year round so let’s see what we can pick up from their creations queen of the beach. Remember that to be prepared to summer means not shopping only but visiting gym, too.


New swimwear collections for the spring/summer 2017 are really interesting and fantastic. We are happy to announce that designers now pay attention not only to the look but to comfort and convenience, too. Also many collection have various sizes of swimsuits so girl of any body shape will find something unique to look stylish and fashionable. Let’s see, what do we have now for the spring and summer of this year.

Bright colours

It is obvious that the rainbow that rule the fashion world this season has impact on swimwear segment also. Swimsuits are linked to vacation and holidays, with positive emotions and feelings, they are meant to help you to feel more fun. Bright vibrant swimsuit will stimulate your good mood plus diversity of colours will give opportunity foe every girl to be unique by choosing own favourite colour shade.

Bikini Bright

Trend includes simple bright colours, neon, pastel but there’s actually no not trendy colours – all are good.

Even grey, black and beige got their places.

Bright colourful range of new swimwear has no limits regarding models, any model is great and should be noted!

Bottom and top from different suits

Designers now got one more funny idea and suggest you to combine top and bottom parts from different swimsuits. Monochrome bottom is suitable for any top in fact, as well as vice versa. You may combine different or similar prints and patterns, try to match various colours or just do whatever you want.

Bottom a top Bottom and top top


Swimsuits without straps are gaining popularity, so this spring and summer they are going to be on the top of fashion tendencies. There are different models of such bando, it could be sport bra supporting breast thanks to the special fabric. Also it could be classic push-up cups. Also there are few more interesting bando models with some decoration on the bra which create effect of nice supported bra. As well such bandos visually enlarge the breast.

Band bando

Prints and patterns

You don’t like simple patterns, do you? And of course, monochrome or with stripes swimsuit is not for you, right? No worries then. Today’s trend is with swimsuit of complex colour scheme and patterns: it could be space, geometric shapes, flowers, abstracts, animal prints, peisly patterns or oriental cucumber. Colours are so various that it swimsuits look really great and fantastic.


Whole piece swimsuits

Such swimwear has been in favour for few seasons already, they are not less popular than bikini. Classic models of whole piece swimsuit are still suitable because they have fantastic low neck. Many collection for spring-summer 2017 offer sport swimsuits meant for swimming ad active sports. Stylists recommend to choose swimsuit wisely and do not use sport swimsuit just for the beach visits and usual swimsuits should not be used in the swimming pool or for surfing for example.

Whole piece Whole swim


Complex and asymmetric models

This season brings up not only wonderful rainbow colours for the swimwear but also offers interesting asymmetric and complex model. It could be only one strap ove the shoulder or some cuts in the whole piece swimsuit, or numerous ribbons on the waist.

Complex and asymmetric

Evening swimsuits

Evening swimsuits Evening

Be sure these swimsuits are very much different from anything you have seen before. They came after the development of beach entertainment industry. They should be worn for the evening parties near the swimming pool r parties on the beach.usually such swimwear is decorated with beads, net insertions, stones, feathers or even some metal things. Sometimes these swimwear reminds you underwear. Stylists assure us that they are going to be very popular this season, so go and get one immediately!