Trendy sweaters fall – winter 2016 -2017

By | November 15, 2014

Sweater for women is the popular type of cloth which has a great history. Our predecessors wearied it in Ancient Greece. This stylish thing is still popular and it gives comfort and cosiness its hostess. The latest collections fall – winter 2016 -2017 showed that it may be used not only for everyday look but also for work and parties.


Let’s see what kinds of sweaters are popular in winter 2016 -2017. What kind of models and form will be the most demanded?

Colors of trendy autumn sweaters

Classic colors of trendy autumn sweaters of fashion designers are introduced by black, gray, white and brown. Dark green, elegant beige and soft colors are still popular today. Designers offer bright models of red, blue and light blue colors to those who love brightness.

autumn sweaters

To brighten gray days may help beautiful vanilla colors. Warm pallet consists of soft colors of yellow, light green and soft brown.

autumn sweaters2

Black and white written things, ethnic prints with ordinary paintings, colorful blocks in a form of geometry and visual illusions are in fashion among all types of prints. There are also flowers on sweaters this time. They are introduced by bright applications and beautiful painting.

autumn sweaters3

Large image of birds and animals is the latest trend that is used in creation of sweaters in pop – art style. Such funny illustrations carry some naughtiness, childish and let you play a role of a youth naïve girl. The painting with kitten, wolf, camel and purified banana are the most popular illustrations.

Materials and decoration

Knitwear and warm wool fabrics are used for creating sweaters. Designers are able to create pleasant to the touch and very sot things that have good warm keeping quality with the help cashmere.

autumn sweaters4

Arane knitting with the pattern in form of braid is in trend in cold season. Such sweater will be close to romantic women. With the help involved metal threads an effect of sparkling fabric is created.


Such kind of cloth is ideal for gala events and glam party. But it should be taken into consideration that these threads are made of synthetic fabric. That’s why they keep warm less than those that are made of natural materials.


Fur sweater look unusual and gorgeous. That may be additional elements in combination with another type of fabric and also fully fur things. It is a great option for going to some important event if it is in combination with sparkling decoration. Fur may be used of different colors – from glam soft pink by Gucci till classic dark by Tom Ford.

decoration3 decoration4

Bright applications in forms of flowers of different colors and embroidery with the help of pearl and rhinestones are the modern decorations of sweaters. We may see that decoration of sweaters is minimalistic this season 2016 -2017.

Details of cut in trendy sweaters fall – winter 2016 -2017

Those who have ideal body will like short models of sweaters. This detail of wardrobe can’t be used in windy weather, but it may show all the benefits of your body.


Opposite of short models designers offer trendy sweater – dress with large knitting. Such sweater doesn’t lose its popularity for several seasons and now is still in fashion.

sweaters fallsweaters fall2

It is not surprising because this model cannot be judged for the absence of comfort. Besides it is universal thing for creating trendy look: sweater – dress may be combined with pants or may be put on with tights. To create a great look for evening it is may be combined with beautiful belt.

sweaters fall3

Designers offered a little bit free fitted sweater for those who love traditional things. With their help oversize theme is shown on runaways. That’s why in many collections it is possible to find free fitted sweaters, without which cold winter days can’t be imagined.

Sleeve and neck in trendy sweaters

Classic long sleeve without bright decorations is in fashion in season fall – winter 2016 -2017. Only in some models cuffs may have band or made of fabric which has color that is differ from the color of sweater. If we take into consideration free fitted models we may see that sleeves close a palm. But such a soft negligence gives charm to a look.

trendy sweaterstrendy sweaters2

V-neck is the most popular type of neck this season. It deserves attention because it makes neck look longer. This fact may be useful to fashion lovers for creation of a new look. Classic round neck and free fitted neck are also in trend.

trendy sweaters

The last one is an ideal option for winter wardrobe. It helps in frosty weather to keep warm. It gives an opportunity to create unique and cozy look. Other sweaters from fall – winter 2016 -2017 collections may be used for this reason.