Trendy shorts spring/summer 2017

By | April 26, 2014

Trendy shorts spring/summer 2017 are very provocative, sexy and elegant detail of females’ wardrobe.

Trendy shorts

What else could possibly be the same time so charming, feminine, provocative, sexy and elegant if not shorts? This clothes since long time ago stopped being associated with summer vacations only. Today shorts should be fashionable detail of every woman’s wardrobe not only meant for beach. Trendy shorts spring/summer 2017 are presented as wide variety of vibrant colourful clothes for absolutely any woman, any taste, any budget, any body.


The main tendency isn’t something new, by style we can divide all shorts in collections into two big parts – informal, bright and with rich decoration and formal classic or casual shorts which even suitable for office use. Latter also can be worn for walking in the park, for shopping or for meeting with friends somewhere in the cozy cafe.

Classic style models

At first this is model of medium length or till the knees with obvious cuffs at the bottom. It is almost universal model because it can be combined with blouses, office jackets, high heels. The same time these shorts will look great with sport singlet, cardigan and heavy boots.

Classic style shorts

Short narrow shorts with folds made from denim will be ideally matched with active vacations. It can be combined with blouses, sandals, singlets, tops and sneakers. Those who like sport style must have that kind of shorts without exceptions.

Together with bright tunic and many shining metallic accessories shorts will turn into evening or party variant, for birthday celebration. This is fantastic alternate choice instead of boring skirts and pants.

One more variant of the same model is shorts-skirt which is great comromise for the creation of feminine look.

Classic style

Distinct feature of models 2017 is interesting unusual model and complex details. It could be asymmetry, unusual shape of patches and belt or highlighting the details by using contrast fabrics, mixing monochrome fabric with large prints.

Another interesting detail is that designers concentrated their attention on the shorts made from high quality natural leather. Apart from great material shorts have wonderful decoration – ultra modern perforation, original volants, fancy rollers and ruche on the side stitch plus large metal details. But as a whole these shorts are very elegant and feminine.

White shorts are the most wanted in the new season 2017

But of course the most awaited and the most wanted shorts for the spring/summer 2017 are the models meant for the vacations, holidays. These shorts has less length with even or trapezoid silhouette, including various mini-shorts which are the most ideal for the slim fragile girls with long nice legs. These white shorts will be highlighting tan.

season 2014

For that you need only white shorts, anyway it is the best ever colour for the summer period. White shorts are still must have for any fashionable girl, especially because it is difficult to find something more versatile and universal.

new season

Anther all-time-favourite is jeans shorts, they are always popular. This season colours are white, beige, classic blue and light blue. Also they have rich decoration – applications, various old spots on the jeans, lace and complex embroidery. Also you can use bright belts and tiny sophisticated belts.

Summer models are made from light weighted fabrics which are quite airy and very, very bright: designers uses vibrant prints and colourful schemes. You may choose from blue, neon, scarlet and green.

new season 2014

You may even find a metallic shorts in the spring and summer collections. Do not limit yourself with just one model and pick up few!