Trendy pants fall – winter 2016 – 2017

By | November 15, 2014

Basic autumn wardrobe of every woman cannot be imagined without one more elegant pants. Elegant type of dress may protect not only from cold weather, but also helps to create a lot of original looks.

Basic autumn

Well known all over the world brands offered fresh ideas of new trendy pants for this season fall – winter 2016 – 2017.

Let’s see what types of pans will be in fashion fall – winter 2016 – 2017. What forms will be in fashion?

Trendy colors of pants 2016 – 2017

Designers showed love to black, purple and deep blue colors this season. Pants of such colors were introduced in most collections on runaways.

But the bright colors don’t lose their actuality. To input bright colors into fall days one may with the help of pants of yellow, lemon, pink, green, blue and red colors. Pants of such bright colors were introduced in collections of Elie Saab, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli.

Trendy colors

In addition it is necessary to say a little bit about gentle powdery colors. They are occurred in many collections of fall – winter 2016 – 2017. Soft powdery color types can make strictness of a business costume softer and create unforgettable romantic image.

Designers propose to use geometric prints, abstract and animalistic motives, beautiful big flowers and flame ornament.

Trendy colors 2

But checkwork for trendy pants will be the most popular kind of print. The combination of pants and other elements of wardrobe with the same print is the new trend of this season. For example, it may be in jacket or blouse.

Trendy materials and decoration of pants for women 2016 – 2017

The most famous designers in their last collection used such materials as: jersey, lacquer or matt leather, denim and many variations of colors. An interesting idea was introduced by Moschino, who created elegant pants by using denim. Denim pants were also decorated with rhinestones and interesting print.

Trendy materials

In most cases different kinds of draperies on pants strap, tappers, and large patch pockets are widely used. Pants from sparkle fabrics with sequins lurex may be used for creating of a good look for a party for young people.

But women who are older should be careful with such kind of dress. Otherwise you will be look vulgar.

Trendy materials2

Transparent fabrics with lace don’t lose their popularity this season. Designers’ pants with lace may from far look like a skirt and hem of a dress. No one can think that they are gala dress. It is important to make a right choice of event, where to put on them.

Models of pants 2016 – 2017

Pants for women are the bright element of any ideal look. That is shown in many latest collections. The great variety trendy forms starting with classic and extraordinary models will help to find tour own style or to make experiments with images. In one word designers don’t let you be boring.

Trendy materials3Trendy materials4


Classic pants for women 2016 – 2017

Autumn is the time when the season of holidays came to an end and the period when it is time to come back to a work. It is not surprising that dress of classic form is the most popular at that time.

Classic pants

Pants are not exception. Classic pants are introduces in most cases by models of one color without bright decoration.

Classic pants2

Classic pants look good on every woman. The newest models are introduced by pants with ironed or printed arrows, which are again in fashion. Then brighter and obvious will be this element of decoration then better.

Cropped Pants winter 2016 – 2017

If you want to show your new ankle boots buy cropped pants.

Cropped Pants

The bare ankle is very popular again. Models of cropped pants are introduced by skinny and free cutting models of different colors.

Trend of this season – ironed arrows is used and in this kind of pants.

Free cutting pants 2016 – 2017

Free cutting pants don’t restrict movements and give comfort in any situation.

Stylish models of free cutting pants are in great variety introduced in fashion collections in their cropped and full-size options. Beside different length of such pants one may find also models of free cutting form with high and low fit.

cutting pants

The popular trend may be introduced by wide bell-bottoms, which are also called sails.

Models of free cutting pants are ideal for those women who want to show not only feminine but also originality.

High pants winter 2017

The last designers’ idea is using again high fit in creating elegant models of pants. The high line of waist may be additionally stressed by belt of one color or another, which is not like used for pants. This makes any image charm. High pants make legs longer and waist thinner.

High pants

Sport pants for women 2017

Designers recommend not forgetting about healthy life style this season and offer to wear pants from soft fabrics with flexible band.

Sport pants

Such models of pants are ideal for training and also for everyday wardrobe.

Home pants – trend of a season 2017

One more nontrivial trend for those who loves comfort is popularity of home style.

Sport pants2

This trend is introduced by free cutting striped pants with big patch pockets. Models which look like home pants give sense of home comfort.