Trendy long skirts for summer

By | May 26, 2013

Wonderful stylish feminine long summer skirts have been gaining popularity during few past seasons.

summer clothing

And there are no doubts that they are going to be the same popular in the next season as well due to their bright patterns and featheriness.

summer skirt

Another advantage of such long skirts lies in their ability to be combined with almost anything. For example, light tank top for summer will look wonderful being combined with such long skirt, however, the same time wearing long skirt with formal jacket for office you will look stylish, feminine and fabulous.

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How to choose long skirt and what to combine with it?

While choosing maxi-skirt you need always to pay attention to textile and handle of the particular skirt. Summer season 2013 offer you long skirts made from chiffon, light flowing silk and tender soft organza, and of course maxi-skirt which are made from plisse fabric. However, there is only one rule to follow: the more fabric – the better.

The unique feature of such long skirts is the fact that they are universal. Depends on weather or your mental condition you can wear classic shoes with heels or even simple casual sandals. IF you would like to feel freer, then you might choose moccasins, laced boots or ankle shoes. Due to the fact that long skirts can be combined with formal jackets and it looks great, then you can also wear maxi-skirt to the office not being afraid that it might break the office dress-code rules.

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Also maxi-skirts would be great clothes for the informal meetings with friends, you can complement it with tank (or string) top, or – if you are following grunge-style – with leather jacket to make your ideal look.

You don’t have to visit very expensive boutique to buy top or jacket for you favourite maxi-skirt, because nowadays in era of technical progress it is possible to find almost anything online, especially high quality relatively cheap clothes from China, which can be compared with those clothes from boutiques by its characteristics.

long skirt

As accessories for long skirt you can take bracelets and earrings in ethnic style. F other formal dress-code you can wear oval watches or few bracelets of different colours.