Trendy jackets fall – winter 2016 – 2017

By | November 15, 2014

Jacket for women is considered to be business type of clothes for office. But should we refuse an opportunity to wear it in your everyday life, especially when it is time of the first cold autumn days? More over the most famous designers of the world offer different models this season. The most important thing is to find a jacket of an appropriate form.

Jacket Jacket 2

Let’s see what kind of jackets are in fashion in fall 2016 and winter 2017.

Trendy colors and prints

The popular colors of jackets this season are black, gray, brown, white and color of milk. To avoid gloomy mood designers used in their collections clothes of bright colors. In particular models on runaways walked wearing jackets of bright red, dark green, yellow, blue and dark blue colors.

Jacket 3

Designers recommend paying attention to such prints as animalistic, checkwork, ethnic, geometric, optic illusions and small dots. But in most cases one color is used.

Fabrics and decoration of jackets fall –winter 2016 – 2017

Silk, knitwear and tweed are still popular this season. But the most popular is boucle, which is fabric with coarse texture that is very good for cold days.

Jacket 4

There are a lot of velvet jackets among holiday options. Quilting materials are not rare in modern collections: this type of fabric is good not only for creating of elegant jackets, but also for keeping warm when it is cold.

The combination of several types of materials in one thing is still popular. For example, leather and lace details and fur decoration.

Jacket 5

If we take decoration, than we may see that designers in their collections use trendy jackets with embroidery, different applications, decorative epaulettes, Basque. The waist is rarely stressed by bright band or stylish belt, which is put on above jacket.

Popular jackets’ forms

Every fashion lover may find for herself elegant jacket for fall 2014 and warmer model for winter 2015 among all the variety of jackets that designers offer this season. The great choice is impressive!

Short jacket is one of the most popular models this season. Such stylish thing is ideal for the beginning of the fall, when it is not cold yet and sun gives warn from time to time. Such model of jacket is introduced by bolero and spencer jacket.

Classic jackets of different length with a little by fitted form are also popular. There are one and double – breasted models in collections. This type of jacket is necessary to create business office style.


Introduction of jackets of men’s forms is the interesting idea fall – winter season 2016 – 2017. We are used to such new things. Straight edge and great shown line of the shoulder are typical for such kind of jackets. Many stylists say that such models may show feminine and fragility in a best way. We may only try to believe them!

Asymmetry is still popular this season. Designers make accent on this trend in different ways. That may be jacket with only one sleeve as it I is introduced by Balmain, round clasps, not straight collar and many other original details, thank to those elegant things are created.

Cold season is the great time to wear warm cloth. That’s why layering is one of the trendiest things this season. There were models of jacket – vest, jacket – blouse on the runaway of fall – winter 2016 – 2017. It looks beautiful and has functionality. It is not necessary to be afraid of cold weather with such type of clothes. Models of oversize may be put into this category.

Trendy sleeve

Classic models of jackets have standard length of sleeve till the wrist. In some jackets sleeves have cuffs. Despite of the fact that cold season is coming designers prefer ease weightlessness. Or they don’t want to let summer go. As result runaways were fulfilled with jackets with semi transparent and transparent sleeves. There were also models without sleeves. They surprised their fans that used to extraordinary ideas.

Trendy sleeveTrendy sleeve2

They may be combined with skirts, shorts and classic pants this season. When it will be cold one may wear turtleneck under jacket without sleeves. There is a great variety idea for creating looks. The main thing is to evoke imagination.