Trendy Dresses autumn – winter 2016 – 2017

By | October 7, 2014

Dress and a woman cannot exist without each other. The first one loses its sense and the second one – her individuality. There are no women who do not fit dresses; there are those who don’t know how to pick up them properly. Today we are going to tell you about trendy dresses of new fashion season autumn – winter 2016 – 2017, which are going to be in fashion. We’ll consider the options, which the most famous designers propose. Also we are going to see what kind of dress you should wear to look your best.


Trendy length of dresses autumn – winter 2016 – 2017

The length of a dress is a very delicate moment, which may ruin even the most perfect image. When you chose the length of a dress you should answer some questions: Where am I going to wear this dress? Does the length is appropriate to my status? Are my knees and hips are perfect? What kind of shoes am I going to wear with this particular dress? And so on…

Trendy length of dresses

Trendy dresses – mini fall – winter 2016 – 17

Too short dresses are in fashion today, but here there are a lot of restrictions. You don’t should wear them if are over 25 years old, if you are going to attend some business meeting or other serious event, if your legs are not perfect, and you plan go to an event after 6 p.m. In all other cases you may chose something beautiful, stylish and too short among trendy dresses from collections fall – winter 2016 – 2017 from Blumarine, DKNY, Kaufmanfranco.

mini fall

Dresses – midi fall – winter 2016 – 2017

midi fall


Dress – midi is also in fashion this season fall – winter 2016 – 2017, but it doesn’t have so much restrictions. It would be suitable for a job and office, especially if it is sheathe dress or pencil dress. Dress – midi is the best choice for walking, especially in autumn. It is very comfortable and doesn’t restrict movements. It’s convenient length (plus or minus palm from knees) gives you an opportunity to chose any kind of shoes with heels or without them, boots with high ankle and ballets.

Trendy dresses – maxi fall – winter 2016 – 2017

maxi fall maxi fall2

And, of course, every fashion season is incomplete without beautiful, elegant and luxurious dresses – maxi, which are out of completion, when you are going to some evening event. But here there are some nuances. You should remember one the most important rule: the later an event, the lower should be hem of a dress. And what about the neckline? In this case it may be opened but there is one thing: either you open back and shoulders or chest. But everything is opened at once it is too much. Despite of that fact that we put on evening dress one or two times, don’t buy cheap options, which can make your image cheap and dull. A sign of such grief – dress may be reflected in irregular seams with sticking, which are thread, in combination of two more fabrics and colors in one dress. We offer you wear gorgeous dresses – maxi from collections fall – winter 2016 – 2017 of the most famous fashion homes: Badgely Mischka, Christian Siriano, Oscar de la Renta, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino.

Trendy colors of dresses fall – winter 2016 – 2017

colors of dresses fall 2 colors of dresses fall

Dress of an appropriate color is the half of a successful image! But with materials of a high quality and suitable form I would 100 percent of a successful image. That’s why you shouldn’t be against from trendy colors, saying only “I like this color or not” or “this color suits me or not”. Different institutions study trendy colors, using millions for their research. That’s why you should pay attention to this trend. The following colors are in fashion today: brandy, sangria, red, mystic yellow, cypress, blue, cobalt, and orchid, purple haze, aluminum. The more information about trendy colors you may find in the article “Trendy colors fall – winter 2016 – 2017”.

Trendy Asymmetry

Trendy Asymmetry

And now we are ready to know the main chips of the new fashion season fall – winter 2016 – 2017, which is oh the top of the fashion. One of them is an asymmetry in all things! What makes a woman more memorable? Namely such details as mole near her lips, curl of hair, which carelessly dropped out of her hairstyle, and strap of a dress, pt on her shoulder. Namely to such asymmetrical details designers will pay attention. Indeed, you may create from your dress a new one with asymmetrical décor. You may just put one more brooch on one side of a dress. Asymmetry may be reflected in many things such as color, form, material and in many other things. There is a very large field for fantasy.

The great guipure


We talked a lot about great guipure dresses. They are trendy in new fashion season. They are so beautiful and sexy that we may talk about them eternally. And look at them we may even longer. Designers made all women of the world priceless present, involving in their new collections dresses from guipure. It made this tendency wider. A woman in black guipure dress is mystery, charm and elegant in a single vial. Such a woman with beautiful smile would provoke man’s hearts, leaving gentle aroma of Armani Code.

Dresses with feathers – trend of the new season fall – winter 2016 – 2017


Light, delicate and weightless feathers of marabou or ostrich will be gorgeous decoration of your dress for fall and winter. It is very-very trendy! You should know that in such feathers it is so warm as in fur. Feathers may great at spectacular cocktail and evening dress, but in dresses for office it is better not use them.



There is one more trend of this season fall – winter2016 – 2017. Layering is introduced in most cases in hems of dresses, skirts of which have several different levels (Chanel, Rochas), and two layers dresses, the top of which is transparent (Dior, Fendy, Honor).

Semitransparent dresses fall – winter 2016 – 2017

Semitransparent dresses Semitransparent dresses2

At the end we will mention one more trend, which is fashion one mo season, but it is still actual – semitransparent. These a little bit erotic brave dresses deserved love of many designers and fashion lovers. Collections are over filled such kind of dresses. As everyone knows demand provokes supply. Somebody consider them to be vulgar, outspoken, some people fell in love with them. We don’t know to what kind event they may be suitable, but they are very beautiful. That’s why we offer you pay attention to semitransparent dresses from collection of fall – winter 2014 – 2015 from Blumarine, Nina Ricci, Reem Acra, Simone Rocha, Jason Wu, Valentin Yudashkin.

In conclusion we may say that a dress was and will be the most feminine element of wardrobe. It may be the second “Me” of a girl, which may tell about her more than she herself. For the reason that a dress played its role on a good level and made its main function – to make every woman beautiful, everyone should correctly chose this or that model. You should pay attention not only on your opinion, but also on advice of fashion experts, designers and fashion. Be beautiful this fall and winter 2016 – 2017.