Top 5 Golden Bracelets of 2017 Collections

By | January 24, 2017

Strict and frivolous, bright and monochrome, classic and futuristic – 2016-2017 jewelry collections have bracelets for every taste. Mixing various styles, designers create original jewelry for modern women. Which of them were on top this fall?


Handheld Bracelets

Jewelry must-have 2017 is a handheld bracelet (“palm” bracelet in European and American collections). It should be put directly on hand under fingers. Unlike classic models, it has flattened oval form with slightly concave surface. This original design was created by Gaydamak sisters and you can see Prive Jewellery by K&S Gaydamak bracelets on hands of such stars as Natalie Portman, Rhianna, Janet Jackson.
There are different types of golden bracelets:
• оpen or closed;
• with central decorative element or with two elements on ends;
• simple or delicate;
• single, double, triple or spiral.
The most fashionable golden handheld bracelets in 2017 have smooth lines giving the image of thin metal web.

Cuff Bracelets

They are similar to handheld bracelets: hard and ergonomic form, variety of decorative elements. However, cuff bracelets start from the wrist and then swirls around the hand, often ending with an open ring on thumb or forefinger. Cuff bracelet may cover the main part of a forearm to the elbow and have the tail decorative element on the hand.
Each cuff bracelet is an unique jewelry sculpture that is emphasizing elegance and tenderness of woman’s hand. Cuff bracelet is able to narrow and lengthen the hand and give a noble aristocracy to the whole look. For comfort wearing bracelet parts on wrist, hand and finger are connected with invisible joints to not limit the gesticulation.

Narrow Hard Bracelets

Unexpectedly, bracelets with the simplest design have entered Top-5.
How can it be possible?
• Low weight and simple technology predetermine an attractive price.
• Such design is appropriate for most events. You can wear it in office, on walk or at the romantic date.
• Thin and strong wire allows you to fix one or several pendants to underline your personality.
• Models with gems perfectly complement evening or cocktail style.
• Narrow golden bracelets are never enough. You can buy similar designed bracelets made from white, rose or yellow gold, with matt, glossy or textured surface, with or without gems and wear them all together on your hand.

Slave Bracelets

Golden bracelet with ring connected thru the chain is a traditional decoration of Indian and Arabic women. European designers have simplified the idea and removed big gems and massive hoops, but left the integration of bracelet and ring.
Light slave bracelet, consisting of two chains with small decoration at their connection is a trendy and stylish thing for every day.

“Floral” Golden Bracelets


Floral decoration is a hit of this season. As a rule, these bracelets are decorated with gems. For those, who love classic, jewelry brands offer flexible golden bracelets with miniature flowers as chain links.