Tights and stockings: Sexiness that won’t let you feel cold

By | November 16, 2013

Despite first really cold weather bringing some despondency those who follow fashion still have all the reasons to have great mood and enjoy fantastic shopping. Pay full attention to the latest tendencies for the tights and stockings Autumn-Winter 2010/2011. You don’t have to worry; this part of clothes has been considered a high fashion for a long time already due to its ability to warm you up during cold weather and the same time help you to become sexy and feminine.

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The best designers work on the new models of tights and stockings always making women to wonder and men to be excited. Therefore, let’s forget about boring classic black stockings and tights to something amazingly new.

Neppy chic

Neppy tights which are usually associated with tender Lolitas of 80-s are now more adult and meant for the so called femme fatal. Such alteration was possible thanks to fashion house “Balenciaga”, particularly to its creative director Nicolas Ghesquire.

But note that you have to avoid too bright colours or very obvious pattern of your dress otherwise there will be a disharmony.

So called neppy trend appeared in the fashion magazines at the end of last year for the first time being part of advertisement session of “Balenciaga” with actress Jennifer Connely taking part in it. But it becomes more matured a bit later – exactly to mark the beginning of current cold season. Moreover, such neppy tights are presented in many fashion collections globally at the moment.

Different brands have their own interpretation of such super fashionable print: it could be boudoir chic, sophisticated elegance, grunge or rock-n-roll rebellion. But be careful in your experiments with neppy tights: wrong decision might end up by vulgar ugly look.

Just follow Nicolas Ghesquire advice to combine neppy tights with shiny skirts made from atlas with rich decoration and simple top. Such look will obviously show neo-classic style which is correct for the current season. Also, the little black dress would suit the fashion tights greatly.

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>What about handle?

The most noticeable feature and tendency current collections are the handled or fantasy tights, which have different patterns, checkwork, stripes, multiple constructions or lace imitation.

This kind of tights may even be useful for making some forecast. For example, linear patter would lead to visual lessening of legs, pattern a la crow’s feet – to the enhanced elegance, and multiple rich constructions would be a sign of great introvert who does not care about public opinion on own look.

Once you have decided to get such fantasy tights then you should be very careful and choosy in terms of other clothes matching. Since those tights are somehow almost always are too much then you need to lessen it by monotone clothes. The best solution is upper clothes having the same pattern as fantasy tights.

And of course famous carnivore print was not forgotten. Leopard spots or zebra stripes create very dangerous look, they may be mated with black monotone dress.

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Smart tights

Unlike last season with rich and even toxic colours amongst the most popular, nowadays calm neutral colours took the lead. Greyish pearl tones are considered the best for current season because they don’t look dangerous and create tender soft look, also they can be combined well with clothes made from wool or cashmere.

Grey colour is not only feminine and fashionable during this season but it also hints about intellectual power of those who wear it, making parallel with brain which is also called grey thing.

By the way, smart women know that colourful tights need to be combined with monotone clothes – high heels or right opposite as ballet flat, and of course don’t forget about accessories.

Alongside with calm grey tones the white tights still remain popular, no doubts it’s a bit extravaganza and ketch unless you are bride in white dress yet it gives you a lot of variants for the experiments.

Using white tights may help you to become a girl with rock-chic style or grand-dame of politics like Yulia Timoshenko.

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Stockings and tights: celebrities’ choice

You also can pay some attention to the stars and celebrities who must follow the fashion trends.

Supermodel Tyra Baks and actress Dru Berrymore share the same passion to colourful blue tights, but it is obvious that these ladies have totally different look. Tyra combines tights with dress and shoes of the same tones, and this makes her silhouette visually slimmer. Meanwhile Dru is pretty good with playing on contrast, making the blue tights the central feature of her look. It’s very brave but quite disharmonic.


The same colourful tights were chosen by singer Mariah Carey and actress Lindsay Lohan. Mariah – according to her great body shape – pay attention to grey tights combined with deeper grey dress. Lindsay as rebel forgets about the style and wears black and red checkered tights.

Fantasy tights are favourits among singers Britney Spears and Taylor Swift, actress Emma Watson and also celebrity Victoria Beckham.

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And of course such actress as Sarah Jessica Parker would have not forgotten about tights or stockings. She made her famous fantastic appearance on one of New-York gatherings wearing Chanel tights of two different tones: till knees it was weak red colour and above knees – rich black colour.