Threads and Motifs spring and summer Collection

By | May 29, 2012

Threads and Motifs is Pakistan outlet which offers and provides various Pakistani outfits for women. You can access this outlet eventually at its official website to see the latest collection of the Pakistani style women wear. For spring and summer fashion trend, this popular outlet try to attract the customer with various Pakistani outfits that designed with embroidered embellishment.


threads and motifs 2012

threads and motifs summer collection 2012

threads and motifs pakistan


Threads and Motifs Spring Collection 2012

In this 2012, Threads and Motifs involve blue Pakistani kaftan with long dress length to suit the spring season. This long dress is designed stylishly with soft blue satin applied on the chest area. Several different patterns applied on the entire part of the spring collection women wear.


threads and motifs new collection

threads and motifs lawn collection 2012

threads and motifs lawn 2012


Threads and Motifs Summer Collection 2012

The summer collection of Threads and Motifs in 2012 is greater than the spring collection. Now, we will more describe it in various soft colors such as cream and beige for the summer collection. Embroidered pattern on this soft backdrop is darker to contrast the main color.


threads and motifs collection 2012

threads and motifs collection 2011


With long and large width on the dress and sleeves as kaftan outfit characteristic, this summer collection looks fabulous in style. Color combination on the embroidering looks simple but unique on the pattern. Threads and Motifs is a recommended outlets for your stylish outfits provider.