Things that are always in trend

By | July 6, 2013

It happens quite often: we buy something fashionable and trendy and then just throw it away in one or two seasons because it is already outdated and not in trends anymore. But there are things that any woman must have in her wardrobe no matter what fashion and trends are for this season.

djinsi jinsy

At first, it is jeans. They are always in line with any fashion. That is why you have to pick up the good one by good price. Skinny jeans got one great advantage: they can make you look slimmer, it’s easy to put them into certain kind of shoes or boots, and they can be nicely combined with high heels.


Another “must have” thing is cashmere jersey. If you follow all the “how to keep it” instructions then this item can serve you for many years. Cashmere should be kept folded with the use of special powder against mole, and should be only washed by hands using special detergents (powder or liquid).


Every woman must have a leather jacket in her wardrobe. It could be classic or sport; it doesn’t really matter, but remember that leather jacket can be combined with jeans or velvet pants. Other clothes that could be combined with almost everything is white blouse which was introduced by Marlen Dietrich. Nowadays it became an important part of females’ clothes because it looks really good with classic pants, skirts or jeans.


Pencil-skirt is also quite classic and universal outfit. Traditionally, it has length till knees, not bright colour and small cut. Sometimes it has such add-ons like ribbons and buttons. Such skirt can be used for formal meeting and even for party. And surely the famous small black dress cannot be forgotten: combined with different accessories it is suitable as for the office as for the formal welcome reception.

klassicheskie 2012 Bayan Topuklu Ayakkabi Modelleri

As for the shoes, first of all you need to remember about classic shoes. No doubts that many women prefer trendy fashionable shoes but keep in mind that trend usually has cycle of five years. Therefore, much practically would be to have few pairs of classic shoes, they can be wore with any clothes and they are always trendy. Also wellingtons, which are also known as Russian boots, with wide boot-tops are always in trend, too. They are very practical and comfortable and look great with a bit shortened pants and jersey-dress.

sumka sumki2

Leather handbags would never fall out of fashion; you can use them with just any clothes and in any situation. While choosing between expensive branded and cheap common handbag it could be worth to remember that cheap analogue will tear much faster but branded one will be with for much longer time being still in a good condition.

All those things are trendy in any seasons and they will look great and fresh if you add few interesting accessories to them. Do not be afraid to dream!