There is fashion of spring-summer 2017 ( Sarafans)

By | June 30, 2014

It is difficult imagine one of the summer season without such a comfortable and convenient thing like sarafan. It‘ll help you out in the summer heat and allow to look gentle and feminine. What sarafans will be in fashion in this spring-summer season 2017, let’s deal.

The summer sarafans of spring-summer 2017 – tailoring

summer sarafans

On fashion runways we were faced with the most numerous and diverse styles of fashionable sarafans of spring-summer 2017. There are sarafans with frank V-shaped cut neckline, and sexy sarfans with thin straps of underwear type, and democratic sarafans with small round or square neckline. The novelty of this season will be the so-called “American armhole” – a diagonal, linking arm with neck. If you want to understand, remember the famous Marilyn Monroe and her skirt hem, streaming in wind. Sarafans with American armhole fully open shoulders and focus on the bust, making it even more magnificent. But with all the advantages of the cut of the sarafan, we want to warn women with splendid busts and broad shoulders – choosing such sarafan, take care of a cloak or a light scarf. Otherwise, such clothes will play a mean trick with you.


The next thing I would like to dwell is asymmetrical cut. The asymmetry can be observed how at the top of the sarafan, which was covered only one shoulder, so and on the skirt, where the length is passed from short in the front in the longer the back, creating the illusion of a train.

spring summer 2014

What is about style, then and here is full freedom of a choice. Fitted, straight, trapezoidal, flared, sarafans of style baby-doll, with an emphasis on the chest, they all may be in this spring-summer season, 2017.

The summer sarafans of spring-summer 2017 – the length

the length

At its peak during this season are long sarafans. Especially noteworthy are sarafans with lush multi-layered skirts, which look elegantly, gently and romantically. On fashion runways could be found and short sarafans. The main tendensy of short sarafans is simplicity of style, a minimum of decor and pastel palette of shades.


The summer sarafans of spring-summer 2017 – the finish

In this season 2014 designers have relied on finish from fabrics. There are all sorts of ruches, ruffles, draperies, tails, and folds. Sarafans with such finish are aerial, feminine and gentle. There is deserved special attention the finish by bugles, beads, embroidery in satin ribbons, overhead floral elements, fringe and feathers.

the finish

The summer sarafans of spring-summer 2017 – the material

In choosing the material is dominated, without a doubt, light and airy fabric, chiffon, organza, netting, tulle and light silk. Yet in this season out of competition are sarafans made of guipure and lace. The main tendency is a combination of the lace material with light cloth.

the material

The summer sarafans of spring-summer 2017 – colors and prints

In this season are dominated pastel colors. There could be included the whole light spectrum of shades – white, beige, light brown, light pink, lemon, blue, purple, and classic black.

colors and prints


Given that the designers in this season have preferred multi-layers and different kinds of fabrics, prints ceased to be bright. Choose a quiet animal, flowers, discreet geometry or abstraction.

colors dresses prints

Undoubtedly, the designers have tried to perfect and created a beautiful models of fashionable sarafans, to make you look this summer stylish, gentle and sexy.