There is a fashion of summer 2017

By | August 8, 2014

The spring is around the corner, and that means it’s time, shook up closet, to go for fashionable novelties. But before shopping ladies just need to get acquainted with the last trends of the season. So, what will be in the trend in the season of summer 2017? What is fashionable this summer?

There is white dominant

White color briefly pressed the summer favorites from the pedestal. In new season of summer 2017 it is the undisputed leader again. Most summer color of all colors is filled a fashion catwalk: white dresses and blouses, suits and tops, fishnet shirts and skirts, hats and accessories. There are practically no collections that hadn’t completely white image.

white dominant

Black top, white bottom

In the new collections designers “exploited” classic tandem of black and white in full measure. Most of all is to create images “on every day”. Not less popular were and black and white prints, which can be seen on the overalls, and asymmetric blouses, and dresses. Designers actively used this couple and for finishing.

Black top

Pink powder or English rose?

The abundance of delicate shades of pink in the spring-summer collections became a pleasant surprise: delicate powdery, bright fuchsia, noble Azalea, pink carnation, salmon and coral, bright pink and peach, “bubblegum” and pink shell”…. Designers demonstrated all the possibilities of this “girly” color in season of fashion of summer 2017. It turned out that it may be and feminine, and romantic, and decent, and smart, and bold. So pink dress, coat or suit in your new wardrobe should appear without fail! It remains only to choose the tint.

Pink powder

The pleating

Romantic accordion pleats from the list trends of the spring-summer 2017 practically never break. Once again, the designers paid tribute to femininity and included in their collections fine and playful, and tender skirts and dresses in a small folds.

The pleating


Who today remembers that designers have composed Bermuda for the military? Comfortable shorts knee length has long moved not only from the man’s clothes in women’s, but and bought a “new status”: from the category of beachwear they passed into everyday wardrobe. And designers in the new collections offered to fashion a lot of variants, with what is best to wear these loose shorts: sweatshirts, tops in the sports style, and even as part of the costume paired with a close-fitting jacket.


Shortened tops

It’s so well, that the spring-summer collections are demonstrated fall! Looking on maximum naked bellies of models, no candy, no pie in your mouth is not climbed. So it will not be necessary in an emergency order to lose weight after the winter, so that you can proudly defile in the fashionable top. And they in the new collections are not just short, but ultra short. The designers decided not to waste time on trifles, and by a slight movement of scissors they turned tops in bustier. The choice, of course, is impressive: embroidered with gold and decorated with lace, sequins and volumetrical applications, multi-colored in sport style, asymmetric, elastic, transparent…. The main thing is that the press did not disappoint!

Shortened tops

The flowers

Ah, what woman will remain indifferent to flowers! But, unfortunately, we have they not so often as we would like. Well, in season of fashion of summer 2017 designers have corrected this cruel injustice: on the height of fashion are flowers! In all its aspects! There are surprisingly bright and black-white prints, application of lace and silk, prints 3D, photoprints and even dresses-flowers!

The flowers

The brilliance of molten metal

This trend has already become classic. It hasn’t leaved the top for several seasons. Shining and playing materials designers have used and in new collections. And it’s not only in ensembles in style of the disco, but and for creating luxurious and elegant images. The most popular became shades of gold, silver and blue gamma.

molten metal

The black lace

“Eternal” ally of femininity and seductiveness – lace – still pleases women of fashion by its versatility. In the season of fashion of spring-summer 2014 lace dresses will be, well, very frank! Designers, creating evening and cocktail dresses, chose seductive black lace.

black lace

The leather

Time of skin usually is autumn, early spring and winter. However, in the new collections designers decided to extend the period of its reign. Leather jackets and coats, jackets and tops, skirts and trousers – with the arrival of the heat they will not go in shade. Besides the designers took care to the skin “conformed” to the season, and suggested models “in color”.


The stripe

This is one of the most actual prints. It would seem that you can come up with new? The stripe is and in Africa stripe. But so many striped prints the podium hasn’t seen yet: thin and textured, horizontal and vertical, one colored and multicolored!


Prints, prints, print….

It’s seems time of minimalism to have passed. On the podium is wealth of prints. In addition, of course, to leading flower print and a variety of bars designers demonstrated the truly endless flight of fancy. In the collections are intertwined graphic prints and abstraction, peas and ethnics, tropical motifs and landscape, animal prints and art prints.


The sports chic

In the attempt to combine the practicality and luxury, comfort and style, simplicity and luxury, was born style “sport chic”. And it went to conquer the world. I must say, quite successfully. In any case, spring-summer collections of 2014 demonstrated the huge number of jackets-bomber, Polo shirts, mini-skirts in the fold, tolstovkas, pants with cuffs and related accessories.

sports chic

The retro

Yes, yes. There is again “retro”. This time the designers proposed to go in the era of the 80-ies and 90 years. Where in fashion is volume silhouettes, oversize, hypertrophic details, plenty of denim, leather, rabid popularity of grunge and decoration in the style of hip-hop.

The retro

The asymmetry

Collections are generous on asymmetric models. Designers have offered to women of fashion not only the models with asymmetric cut, but and original prints.


The high waist

high waist

Not so long ago models with high waist are already appeared in the list of seasonal trends. But it’s not for a long. And this is the fashion trend, which this summer is back again. Jeans, pants, shorts and skirts high landing were demonstrated by many guru of world fashion.