The most popular hair styles this summer-2013: step-by-step instructions

By | May 15, 2013

This spring season will bring you the most popular hair style as negligent bunches and false bangs, hard braids and ideal curls. We are going to share with you step-by-step instruction how to create this seasonal hair styles to make your image to shine as new.

Ideal hair


Hair style #1. Ideal ringlets

This hair style is really not difficult to create even at your own home. At first you have to wash and dry your hair, and then divide them into strands with width of 3-5 cm. Then you need to sprinkle each strand with moisturizing spray or oil. After that you have to use pair of crimpers to make ringlets, but remember that the less crimper’s diameter the smaller locks you get and the bigger volume of hair style will be. As well you must use crimpers only till the cheek bone length of the strand. After you finished let the locks to cool down a bit and keep the needed coil form. Now you need to divide your hair in the middle of the head, then brush locks a bit and use a hair spray to fix the hair.

braids on hair

Hair style #2. Hard braids

For the beginning you need to prepare your hair by applying a special hair gel onto them, after that make a good hair parting in the middle of the head and then make a pony tail on the back. You should leave few frontal strands free without putting them in pony tail. Take a strand from frontal area, pull it along head in backward direction and make a braid. After finishing braiding you must fix it with the help of rubber to the pony tail on the back. Take another strand which starts from above the ear and do the same procedure as earlier with the first strand, but while attaching it to the pony tail just cross it above the first one. Do the same steps with the strands on the other side of the head. To make your new hair style to look more neat you can also put all braids’ ends together and fix it behind.

bang hair

Hair style #3. False bang

False bang is a very good way to attract attention to your face without actual cutting of the frontal hair. Instead you just have to take some hair from the whole. You can use next method. At first do some parting somewhere at the temporal level, then comb some hair in that direction to make a desired volume. After that put hair on the other side of the head in such a way so your hair will lay on your forehead. Then find its best location regarding your face and fix it with hairspray and pins.

You also can make it in other way. Make quite low hair parting and fix the hair with mousse and hair drier. Once it’s done, you have to isolate frontal strand and apply it onto the hot hair waver for about 20 minutes. Then you should take the hair waver off and shake your hair, after that make a shell-hair style and fix it with hairspray.