The most interesting ideas and trends for spring and summer 2017

By | May 5, 2014

Even though it is still winter time here and many haven’t even thought about upcoming season but hard creative work for designing new fashion collections fr the future has almost been finished. Famous fashion houses have started to demonstrate own unique creations, thus we are able to follow the most interesting ideas and trends for the coming spring/summer season already at the current moment. Right now we have the only chance to know what fashion trends will be the main next season, to understand what key styles will be the best. All this will help us to be prepared and become armoured by beauty, fashion and success.

interesting ideas

Vibrant colours of spring shades

Traditionally after dull and poor with bright colours winter we would like naturally to see alive vibrant colours and shades, especially with our clothes. Bright spring outfit is able to create very playful mood by itself, to remind us that life is full of new emotions and feelings once again s well as the world around is being poured with tonnes of love and passion.


Summer 2017 continues this amazing tradition. The new trendy spring/summer wardrobe has no semi-tones or shades, everything is clear and obvious: the crown colour-king rules the catwalk showering us with clean and brave tones and shades.

No doubts

No doubts that the most noted trend next season spring/summer 2017 will be clothes of all possible red shades. It will be daring scarlet, bright coral, tender prawn, warm brick and okra bordering orange being hot and sexy.

Or it could be red poppy tone, which is more delicate, or bright neon red and tropic like a flamingo wing. Or may be your true colour of coming spring is the same as classic red lipstick?

hot and sexy

Such stylish accent related to the lips, delicate stroke highlighting your sophisticated taste will be the best companion for another eternal fashion tendency. Yes, we are talking now about two classic ever colours: black and white. This combination has been long time runner in the fashion world and it is no more only suitable for the office attire but even can be used in wedding outfit. Because there is nothing better than deep black colour to highlight the innocence of pure white. And there is nothing better than white to underline the velvet sensation of black.

sensation of black

Mixing classic with pleasure do not forget that it will be trendy to wear bright and unexpected colour combinations as well as use monochrome look with one colour solution to enforce colour effect. And that is not only about black and white colours. Another active and popular shades for a new fashion season are blue ranging from deep sapphire and ultramarine to indigo and azure; and yellow ranging from lemon, chicks feathers to yellow close to pistachio.

Another great daring clothes to be noted is any made from fabric resembling gold and futuristic material a la metallic including silver, copper and bronze.

copper and bronze

Don’t be afraid to look bright and colourful, because fashion for spring and summer this year is fully supporting you. You must use vibrant, noticeable and funny prints. You are allowed to use chequered fabrics of bright colours, traditional summer sea theme with stripe, oriental motives, small flower prints, animal black-and-white print etc.


It is worth to note that outer colourful epatage is matched with some understatement in look, that lessen the sharpness and adds some secrecy. Such effect we can get by using thin, semi-transparent and lace fabrics. For catwalk podiums designers use a lot of organza, chiffon and guipure.


Mostly these fabrics are meant for the details but some of clothes pieces are made from them, too. Different kinds of lace, transparent fabric, net fabric and soft chiffon just give us a hint leaving behind quite a secret. And what could be more attractive in female look than some secret?

As a peak of designers’ imagination we can see usage of extensive decorations of clothes, particularly, chiffon to add greater volume.

Some stylish solutions

Thanks to accenting attention on the colour and not that ordinary fabrics silhouette remains simple without adding more details to make it too heavy. In fact light model type only works for the achieving effect of clothes being light and airy, especially because soft shoulder line which is very feminine element.


Round and looking down shoulder line plus a bit straight and massive top silhouette resemble some retro-classic of 80-s.

If you notes modern sport style pants are also resemble the same 80-s era with banana-pants, especially those with contrast bright lampas. But modern pants are very compatible with high heels and with simple sandals.

Another pants that definitely will take a place in your wardrobe are those bright and colourful, a bit coned down, sometimes with lampas, laces, embroidery or applications.

Do not be afraid to experiment with new trends and fashion novelties, believe us – you will get a wonderful result!

Some rules to remember for the beginners in fashion for the season spring/summer 2017

1. Walking book, or Write something on your clothes. We encourage you to write anything you want on your clothe, it could be famous quote, or just few words from a poem, or even abrakadabra. You may also try to put some hieroglyphs on. It depend on you only if you would like to be read by others or kept as your very own secret.

Walking book

2. Fur outfit for the hot spring and summer 2014 season. This is really something new, no one have heard before. Why don’t we add some fur to the clothe in the early spring or for the cool summer?

Fur outfit

3. New romantic with pink shades. This is really a wonderful gift from designers because they put a real girlish pink into the trend now. It is exactly the colour that distinguish girls from boys since early childhood. Wear such pinky dresses remembering happy baby days!

New romantic

4. Sophisticated earthly green shades. This is very interesting novelty for the upcoming season, this combination gives you very practical and quiet.

green shades

5. Blouses resembling big clouds. Aw, that’s wonderful mixing of romantic, freshness of youth and nature giving you a feeling of being fresh and innovative.

Blouses resembling

6. New contemporary airy almost transparent fabrics. This is really something ultra contemporary because those fabrics are very futuristic, and it probably has something to do with naive innocent soul wearing such airy fairy clothes.


7. Dresses-shirts. It is new type of women only clothes which is no-no for men. Dresses a la shirts are meant for girls only.


8. Obvious stitches on the clothes. Designers were trying not to hide any stitches on the clothes for quite some time already. Now making them obvious they also make them popular.

Obvious stitches

9. Jeanse a la gzhel patterns. This is another great news for those who like denim clothes. Now it has sophisticated gzhel patterns with tender blue and white colours making the clothes light and airy.

Jeanse a la gzhel patterns

10. Dark graveyard decoration. That’s for those liking epatage. It could be funny to wear such clothes for some birthday party to have all the fun.