The most fashionable colours: Autumn-2017

By | December 21, 2013

This Autumn trend consists of bright dynamic colours and shades, yet classic combinations like black-and-white or black mated by grey, beige and sandy-yellow are also possible.


You need to pay more attention to blue and red colours, since they are still very popular, as well designers advice to use bright and intense orange shades.

Those who love to wear fur may choose classic colours, but leather clothes can be of any colour as well as jackets.


So, what colour to choose to be a super fashionable this Autumn? Judging by collections presented by leading fashion brands the most popular colour is going to be yellowish-honey shade of yellow colour which resembles the young bamboo. Another favourite of Autumn/Winter collection is ember colour and its coral and pinky-orange shades. It is especially recommended to use these colours for accessories like gloves, belts and handbags.


During current season do not forget about pink colour and shades of pale calm grayish-green colours which are suitable for daily dresses and suites as well as for the evening gowns.

Mind you, that many fashion collections still include passionate red for the evening outfit in the Autumn. Also you can pick up this colour for the jackets, gloves and scarves. Lovers of elegant sophisticated style would be pleased by clothes of coffee liqueur colour and close to it chocolate-brown shades. As usual brown colour is very popular for the Autumn as well as such tones as beige and mocco.


Combination of red bricks colour with bright vibrant pink is also going to be in trend. You can add some neutral tones to balance the previous combination.


Also is very effective way to show your personality is to combine mustard with beige or grey, especially for the office outfit. And remember that grey is not only boring classic, if you add some silver to it then it’s ready clothes for evening event.