Test drive: transformer dress

By | February 8, 2015

Transformer clothing is not a new phenomenon in world of fashion. Personally for me this tendency was always interesting – there is a denying this clothes value, that can transform and that allows to try new images without buying new outfit. And coupled with asymmetric fit such clothes can make an avant-garde artist out of any boring conventionalist. In general, such brands as Yohji Yamamoto and Theyskens Theory are absolutely my “story”. But for some unknown reason the only transformer clothes in my wardrobe was summer jumpsuit with the bottom a la skorts (skirt could be successfully unbuttoned and “thanks” to that I had lost it almost at once in the interior of my closet). This is why, when Sarah Pacini representatives has proposed me to test a transformer dress from the present fall-winter collection, of course, I agreed without hesitations.

transformer dress


About the brand

Belgic brand Sarah Pacini was founded in 1989 and started to follow chosen creative fashion tendency straight away. For its history of almost twenty five years Sarah Pacini has opened more than fifty boutiques, also they have registered in 1500 multibrand shops all over the world. Laconic silhouettes and unusual color palette, that allow clothes to look harmonically both apart and in total-look are specific for this brand. In 2002 new international designer team has entered the brand, after which Sarah Pacini reserved for themselves the title of one of the most creative clothing brands in Europe even more.

brand collection

With brand collection, out of which I had to pick clothes for a test drive, I have familiarized “alive” at once on press-day in brand’s boutique. Frankly speaking, I, as a keen black color admirer, was charmed by a great number of black clothes that were different by it unusual fit and handle – asymmetric cardigans, leather skirts with unusual lap, pull-overs that can be worn in different ways, massive roughish bijouterie… Anyway, this brand has conquered my sympathy almost at once, but, frankly speaking, it was really hard for me to cope with the desire to test drive something black. As a result, together with brand representatives we have picked dark-green transformer dress with zipper on the side.

Pros and cons

When a delivery man had brought the dress to our “Lady Mail.Ru” editorial, t first I decided to look what is was made of – I’ve asked myself this question back in the shop. The textile looked quite thick and with that it was a bit glittering (but on the photo there is much more glitter than it is in reality). It turned out that the textile is made of 73% linen. And, frankly speaking, it was a surprise for me – main associations that linen triggers in my case are revolving about boring summer suits of indistinctly-beige color. However, in case with this dress, linen has appeared as a quite fall and even winter material! But it still has its main con – the dress wrinkles too much, so if you wear it as a dress (in other words zipped up), it is better not to sit. Anyway, if you are one of those who always takes along a steamer or a mini-iron, or who wears the transformer as a jacket, you are safe from excessive wrinkleness.

Pros and cons

And let me specify straightaway – this con is the only one for me. Apart from that this transformer dress only pleased me. First, it really looks good in both its images, and second, it has an amazingly pleasant for skin texture.

dress color

Also I would like to notice beautiful dress color: as I wrote above, black – is my favorite color (by the way, this is a “disease” of many stylists ☺), that is why I hardly avoided the temptation to pick back colored dress. But now I can only be glad that the dark-green one was chosen – it not only perfectly fitted my seasonal color analysis, but also easily “made friends” with other, black for the most part, wardrobe.

What to wear with

I don’t wear dresses or shirts that are about a knee long (perhaps, the only exception here is pencil skirt), so first days of this test drive I wore transformer dress only as a jacket – with boots, leather leggings, a peaky cap and an envelope, a good thing that such military images are still modern. But nevertheless, desire to experiments has conquered the habit, after which it turned out that the dress plays its “initial” role, it is enough only to add man or styled belt to it, rough shoes (on flat sole or with massive hill and small wedge), wide bag (I’d picked chamois shopper) and figgery that can and should be worn in great numbers (but all of them should be of the same style – a “mishmash” won’t harmonize with this dress).

wear with

By the way, in the process of test drive it turned out that carefree images also fit for transformer dress from Sarah Pacini – as a jacket together with intentionally aged “boyfriends” and cowboy shoes it also looked not really bad. And another variant, unfortunately, is still unrealized for me. Such dress combines perfectly with black leather jackboots on thick heel, with peaky cap and leather belt styled on waist belt.