Stylish and glamorous skinny jeans in 2017

By | January 10, 2015

Everyday wardrobe of a modern woman includes several irreplaceable things. What can be cooler than jeans? They flooded the modern fashion so much that we wear them even in the office and during evening saunters, though a correctly picked-up top is also important. Lately popular models have been changing one another, so for sure, it was difficult to keep track of the progress and changes that have occurred there. But there are fashionable clothes which came into use so much that we do not want to put them into category of old or unfashionable.

skinny jeans in 2015

What do skinny jeans mean for a modern fashionable girl who always wants to look stylish regarding a situation she finds herself? Stylish and glamorous skinny jeans in 2015 – are one of the most popular wardrobe items of a modern lady because they perfectly emphasize the beauty of an owner’s slim legs. The only minus is that all the flaws are displayed, so it is better not to risk if you think that your figure is not perfect. Though, if you still want to risk, you can try an appropriate model according to you type. As the saying goes: “If there is a will, there is a way”. Black trousers of a straight style hide all the figure flaws perfectly.

Women skinny jeans: an actual design and fashionable length in 2017

Designers think that women skinny jeans deserve the right to win fame as a constant and fashionable wardrobe item. They, like no other item of clothing, emphasize the beauty and sexuality of the female form, at the same time keeping it in the bounds of decency. Tight pants are the ideal form – nothing creases, nothing droops. The elastic materials, fitting close the ankle, will easily get into the boots, even with a narrow bootleg.

Women skinny jeans Women skinny

I think many girls and women will be much rejoiced when they will know they favorite model is going back to the fashion to 2017 (it seems they’ll always be there). A fashion changes quite fast and it’s becomes so extensive. For example, historians of fashion note the fact these pants was go to the Pakistan (namely “skinny”). At this place people usually wears dresses and skirts. Length of jeans can be any – to ankle covering a heel and ¾. A choice depends on general style of clothing.

Today offer us a huge number of various styles and you can see a set of celebrities, fashion designers and fashionable bloggers carry them as a basis for their clothes.

styles 2

The actual design of this extremely flexible and universal element of clothes allows combining them with anything, since semi-official style. Every lady for certain by search of trousers looks for model, ideal for herself – we will help with it.

On this page the set of models, which represent skinny jeans on a photo in original and classical style is offered:


The combination of skinny trousers and a sweater with bright and courageous prints will allow you to look at clothes in a new way. The sweater can be even gray – all equal such image won’t look boringly. If there are no bright notes – it is possible to use footwear or a bag. In the fall and in the winter of 2015 women’s skinny jeans will look good with a coat on a lightning and with patch pockets. The coat has to be direct breed.

Biker clothing inspires many designers. In this season they are happy to introduce us comfortable combinations with blazers, ruffle detail blouses and knee-high boots. Choose flower-patterned items – best way to get rid of monotony in your outfit. During the gloomy times of autumn this choice of clothes is sure to keep your spirits high, help you feel gorgeous and add a tender touch. Trendy grunge clothing goes amazingly well with office jacket, beige-colored blouse and pointed heels, preferably in metallic palette.

Blue, white, red and black skinny jeans (photo)

Black denim, together with the blue colored, has long since become timeless classic. That’s why designers raise no objections against this choice. Good combination: black skinny jeans and leather jacket, not necessarily in black. Black leather jacket and jeans together make wardrobe essentials for rock’n’roll or glam-rock style. We recommend bright and eye-catching top and metal necklace for rock’n’roll look. As to the shoes, it would be perfect to borrow something from men wardrobe: oxford shoes, grinders or timberland boots. More delicate note can be introduced by silk, satin or velvet top. And, of course, don’t forget about high heels, vivid clutch bag and rock-chick hairstyle. For everyday wear black skinnies can be brightened up by lightweight colorful scarf and matching trainers or sneakers.


Blue, red and white colors are also on top this season. Photo: skinny jeans are offered in wide range of colors

Blue, red and white colors

If you’re going out with friends, choose a combination of jeans with flat shoes, checkered blouse and pale colored pullover. Trendiest choice for Fall/Winter 2015 is patterned white knitted pullover.