Straight Jeans for Your Collection

By | March 9, 2013

Straight jeans are one from the many styles of jeans. For most people, jeans are their favorite fashion items. That applies not just for men, but also applies on women as well. Jeans are people’s favorite because it’s such a comfortable outfit. It is also easy to mix and match with the any tops, accessories and shoes.


straight jeans men

straight jeans and fitted

Styles and Colors for the Straight Jeans

There are many styles and colors available for the straight jeans. Many people think that these jeans are the same like skinny jeans. Well, they’re not, because they are different. These jeans don’t always necessarily fit and follows the shape of your bottom and your legs. These jeans are just straight from the bottom to the legs.

You can choose the ripped up straight jeans to complete your collection to get the rocker style. Or, you can get the low rise ripped up jeans for the chic and preppy look. As for the color, you can choose the basic colors like black, dark blue or grey. Or, you can choose other colors like red, blue, green, etc.

What to Wear with Straight Jeans

You can wear the jeans with an oversized band t-shirts with the rolled up sleeves or with no sleeves. You can wear it with a black suspender. You can also wear it with a denim vest or a leather jacket or, you can tie your long sleeves plaid shirts on your hips for another idea. You can wear the classic black and white converse sneakers and a fedora hat as the accessories to wear with your straight jeans.