Skinny Jeans Style to Show the Color of You

By | February 25, 2013

Skinny jeans have become more popular since 1980. There are many people especially Hollywood stars who wore this kind of stylish jeans style on their performance. We know exactly that jeans are the most favorite fashion which mostly chosen by people in the world. Various styles of jeans including skinny style are expected to be comfortable style in fashion rather than other pant styles.


skinny jeans for men

Skinny Jeans in Classic Appearance

The classic appearance in the skinny jeans can be different from one to each other. But you definitely know that classic appearance of jeans is recognized by its color. Well, the classic color we always found in the past in just blue either light or dark. It does not change any fashion style in this current day since that blue style of jeans is still popular.

Little modification the blue jeans design should be done to distinguish the old style with the new one. Now, you can find a pair of skinny jeans with dark blue color combined with grey color on the middle area. Other new innovative style is unique artistic embroidered on the pocket and bottom part of jeans.

Skinny Jeans in Modern Appearance

Skinny pants in modern appearance can be recognized by the variation of colors which applied on it. With the same material as jeans, the skinny pants appear with various color options such as light purple, grey, pastel, beige, and so many others. The skinny jeans will be the best solution for you to show the color of you in fashion.