Shirt Model Draw for Your Cool Customized Shirt

By | May 2, 2012

Shirt model draw is the drawing of the shirt design that you can use for your inspiration to make your own shirt. When you love something, or you saw something that you thought was very cool, you want to have that image with you. The easy way to get that is to look it up on the internet and save the pic, but of course you’re the only one who can see it. Usually, when you saw something very cool, you want people to see it too, and the simple way to do that is to make the pic or the drawing on the shirt.


Shirt model draw

The Simple Shirt Model Draw

The shirt model draw can be simple or with some details on the drawing. If you want to do the simple ones, you can just draw the shirt design and for the color, you can either the usual pencil and write a note about the color. Or, you can draw the color with the coloring pencil to make the design looks clearer.

The simple shirt model draw usually doesn’t have too many details on it. Usually, you just draw the simple shirt with the color that you want. Sometimes, you also draw some little details like the simple lines on the shirt, or whether the shirt is the usual model, or the fit model. You can design your own shirt both for the short sleeves and long sleeves shirt.

The Details on Shirt Model Draw

When you’re designing your own shirt, you usually think about the details on the shirt. The details can be about the color. Like whether you want the collar to have a different color or not. The other thing is the fabrics for the shirt. And, you also want to think about what kind of button you want to use. The thing about the shirt model draw is you should draw a shirt that you think would look best on you.