Shagwear Girl Wallet the Gorgeous Stylish Wallet

By | May 9, 2012

You definetely can find your favorite accent on any Shagwear girl wallet that chosen based on your personality and character. Shagwear should be the best choice to carry anywhere and in any occasion. It designed uniquely with cute and beautiful feminine decorative pattern on it.


Shagwear Girl Wallet


Small Shagwear Girl Wallet

Shagwear girl wallet produced in several wallet size to ensure it suit your desire. The small Shagwear wallet is designed to suit your pocket dimension so it can be stored in your shirt or jeans pocket. It will keep your money secure with magnetig snap button application.

Various color options and decoration pattern on the external Shagwear girl wallet side provided in the same model. Some cutest decorative pattern choices are Beige Kisses, Black Alpine Ski Girl, Green Music Note, Orange Daisy, and Teal Wave. This small girl wallet featured with seven card holder and a clear card holder.

Large Shagwear Girl Wallet

Large Shagwear wallet is designed longer than the small version. Various decorative pattern and backdrop color options are available to select. There is zipped pocket and more card holder in the interior side. Polyurethane foam as the main material makes Shagwear girl wallet so comfort to grab and stylish in style.