Sequins for the body

By | July 12, 2014

What are sequins? They are shining beautiful small rhinestones made from glass and plastic, they actually very much alike real precious stones therefore sequins may shine so nice under the sun!

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Now we can use sequins body, clothes, hair and nails.

Let’s talk about how to make your body look nice with the help of sequins. In fact it is not difficult to glue the sequins to the skin.ко. It is advisable to glue the sequins to such skin spots with less deformation degree. For the beginning you need to wash thoroughly the place on your skin where you are going to put sequins, then dry the clean skin. Now wipe the spot with spirit to remove unwanted skin fat. Now take off the plastic patch from the sequins, press them against the skin. That’s all – now you have shining pattern on your skin! The same techniques may be applied to just one rhinestone, you can glue them one by one to create a unique picture on your skin. Sequins may stay on the skin up to two weeks. You can take the sequins off the skin at any time you would like to.

Sequins for body

Where to use sequins?

Usually we use rhinestones for the face, arms and hands, neck and feet. Sequins may have various shapes: round, val, triangle, square and others. The same goes to the colour: you may find very colourful sequins – silver, blue, green, yellow, red, violet, golden etc. It is possible to create colorful picture using rhinestones of different colours and shapes.

Those pictures may vary depends on what do you want, but usually they depict butterflies, cats and kittens, dragonflies, tiers, spiders, letters, names etc.

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It is very nice and beautiful to put sequins onto the bare skin of your back while wearing evening gown with the open back. As well you may out the rhinestones around the neck to create the effect of necklace. If you like to show your belly then place the sequins on there.

To look original and unique you can make bracelets made from sequins of various colours, also you can make sequins-straps to the open top, that would be very stylish and creative.

The other good time to use sequins is New Year celebration, at that moment you may put rhinestone to just everywhere. Especially great it would be on the face around the eyes, above eyebrows, above lips and on the cheekbones. You surely will be able to create a nice carnival mask with the help of sequins.


Young people quite often use sequins for going to the club or to the night disco party because under the bright light those numerous rhinestones look really great and wonderful.

It looks really vibrant and nice if you put sequins on the upper eyelid, or on the bottom eyelid to make it like tiny tear. It looks very creative and romantic.

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So, we may say that there are many ways to use shining rhinestones. Use them to create own unique look and to become desired and beautiful!