Red and Black Hair which one is the Best for you

By | May 2, 2012

Red and black hair is such confusing options for your hairstyle look to be. The natural and elegant accent can be taken by applying the black hair, while sexy and naughty accent can be taken by applying the red hair color. The important thing in this step is depends on you who is the owner of the hair. Ensure to suit it with your personality and desire. But why don’t you combine them together to create better performance for your hairstyle?


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Dying the Black to the Red and Black Hair

There are several things that you should prepare when you want to dye your black hair into the red hair color with the red and black hair accent. You will need red hair color and its developer. If you purchase it from the supplier, ensure to purchase the 40 volume developer that suitable for the red color type. You will also need pair of gloves, bowl, and brush for the tint.


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The step to dye your red and black hair is quite easy. It is parted into two ways actually, but in this article we will discuss the simple one for you. Once you have prepared those dying stuffs, now prepare the red hair color on the tint bowl. Start to dye the middle part of hair and the end firstly before you dying the roots. Wait for awhile until the first layer dry enough before applying the next layer on your black hair. Ensure the red color blend perfectly from a layer to other layer. Wait for about 45 minutes to finish the dying process

Red and Black Hair Tips and Warning

Actually, it is quite difficult to apply any color on the black hair. It is because you will find that your red hair color precisely make your black hair even be darker. A professional hairstylist should help you to ensure the red and black hair applied successfully.