Queen on the Bride Runway

By | May 24, 2012

This is not the other fashion runway when the catwalk amaze the crowd, this is the most precious journey for a women history, on the

bride runway

. The experience for the bride-to-be is so hilarious yet breathtaking. Every woman in the whole world giving her time fullest and trying with a lot effort to look stunning once in a lifetime.


allure bridal runway show

bridal runway spring 2012

bridal runway music


The runaway is a holy alley for the bride. The wedding dress itself  is the glorious gown which choosed by the heart and reflecting the happy feeling and emotions of a woman. The big families coming close together with close best-friends from the past that always supporting every path of her life. The important moment on the bride runaway is when the bride walking through the people who have been waiting for her. Those eyes looking inside and out how awesomely beautiful the bride. Usually there are three or five or even more bridesmaid opening the apparance of the queen of the day. Wheter the bride wearing silk, shiffon, lace or simple most of white dress, bride is the star in the entire room. Prepare the hair-do until the shoes. Every eyes is looking every detail of the bride.


bridal runway fall 2012

bridal runway 2013

bridal runway 2012

One thing for sure is, the bride always look fabulous with that shining soul coming from her herat. The stunning make-up is a transformation happy energy that finally the day is come. There is always that overwhelming feeling one can not desribe, about how the right way walking the bride runway.