Princess Dress

By | May 21, 2012

Already have that confident and happy feeling inside your heart than you will look more beautiful with

princess dress blue

. The occasion’s dress code must be: Princess Fairytale. While you getting ready by preparing the make-up and hair-do, you may play some the soundtracks of Disney most favorite films to getting more into the ambiance of being a princess.


blue princess prom dress

princess tiana blue dress

princess frog blue dress

princess dress blue

princess diana's blue dress


So you already choose your wardrobe for tonight. Since the chosen one is princess dress blue, so the next to-do-list is about shimmering yourself with naturally shining beauty tricks. Hands is important beside your face. Because at the party you will meet a lot of new people. After being nice in the attitude, you have to prepare the beauty of your hands with aromatic oil so your hand will look more natural.


princess buttercup blue dress

princess bride blue dress

princess belle blue dress


Remember to wash your hand with sea salt. Use cuticle oil for your nails and do up with clear polish. Take a loot at your hair, this is the real crown. After washing and condition the hair, brush it slowly and add some mouse or gel, so you can highlight it with simple style. For the make up, stay away from bright colors since you had the blue dress. Try a simple red lipstick so the simple make-up will make you looks stunning.


princess beatrice blue dress

disney princess blue dress


The last touch is about accessories. Of course beside look stunning, you really want an elegant image. So wear the gold or silver chain style with a big beautiful gem, a pair of pearl earrings and perhaps you can add a ring. The hair is also the best spot to adding a jewel, chose a flower little cutting if you like. But do not to over display.  Choose the one that appearing your great personality so when you meet the price charming, he will surprised with you and the princess blue dress.