Prada Resort 2012 Campaign Lea Seadoux by Steven Meisel

By | July 3, 2012

Prada resort 2012 campaign displays some Prada accessories including sparkly jewelries and resin rosebuds performed by Lea Seydoux, a French actress. In this event, Lea Seydoux wears fabulous and exceptional Prada accessories such as a long chain of sunglasses, big flower necklaces, and charms.

Prada resort 2012 Campaign

The Prada resort 2012 campaign also shows off Prada Perfume Candy that is going to release. The model, Lea Seydoux can show a deep beauty for the Prada collection.

Prada resort 2012 Campaign tumblr

Why Lea Seydoux is chosen for Prada resort 2012 campaign? It is because she has a delicate beauty that the other actresses don’t possess. She has lovely and slight smiles. In this shot, she is not only obviously recognizable but her expression is precisely the same enchanting personality. You can also read Handmade clutches 2012 in this site.

Prada resort 2012 Campaign runaway

However some critics also occur for this campaign. People say that the picture is lifeless in color.  Even, the others say that it is definitely dull. A good point is only for the concrete background. Some people say that the lighting is too dark so it can give a magnificent effect for the actress and her accessories. On the other hands they convey that the accessories are lovely but their beauty can’t be performed in the Prada resort 2012 campaign.