Passionate Wardrobe from Anita Dongre Fashion Casual Wear

By | May 25, 2012

This may sound breaking the conventional rule about wearing wardrobes that came from the designer whose country always wearing Saree, but

Anita Dongre fashion casual wear

made a breaktrough works. The pop culture has raising the entertaiment industry in India that become a big impact for the fashion world. The collection reflecs about how Dongre presenting the wisdom part which set as the inspiration and combaining the nostalgia ambience with spirit of passion from the modern Indian woman.


Anita Dongre fashion casual wear


Without letting go the idealism of environmental awareness, Dongre made a casual clothes in the brand new level. With the organic range that resulting the maximal use of natural dyes, Anita Dongre fashion casual wear mixing a funky pattern and cutting with hand-block print on dazzlingly appear on organic fabrics. This collection gained the positive reviews from press and almost all the great people behind the world’s fashion industry. The green tunic, black and beige top, cream and pink printed, rose colored top, black tunic, and solid red top become the buzz headline along this year.

Anita Dongre is one of a most talented designer from India that successfuly  show about the wonderful yet creative process of a journey producing ideas. She made the trully meaning about combaining traditional textiles and craft of Indian has a big part in the world’s class fashion industry with Anita Dongre Fashion Casual Wear.