Paris street fashion 2015

By | May 4, 2015

It’s not a secret that Paris – not just the romantic capital of the world, but also the fashion world capital.

It is here, in the shadow of Eiffel Tower, were held the most famous fashion weeks. It is here, near Champs Elysées, were born favorite perfumes and come into being cosmetics which is used nowadays worldwide. In Paris found their inspiration famous designers, whose names have long since become a legend; and forever came into vogue exquisite accessories that are simple and complicated at the same time.


Paris street fashion 2015

Paris street fashion

The capital of France has its indescribable atmosphere, and its inhabitants are considered to be trendsetters that determine fashion not only on the catwalk, but also on the streets.

Such names as Christian Lacroix, Kenzo, Chanel, Armani or Versace are known by absolutely everyone. All these famous designers began their brilliant careers in Paris and this gave them not only new ideas, but also opportunities for their realization.

Paris street fashion 3

Paris street fashion

The main goal pursued by the street fashion of Paris – to emphasize the individuality of each person. At the same time, it is difficult to imagine a French fashionista without elegance and romantic touch. In here, it’s not common to impress by clothes with complicated cut. Asymmetry and vivid colors are popular on the streets of other cities, but not honored in Paris.

Parisians always remember that simplicity can be very exquisite and often looks more impressive than the most sophisticated outfit. Therefore, in the wardrobe of every French woman there are a number of basic things that skillfully and harmoniously combined with flashy accessories. Moreover, layering is always in trend, it helps to make a variety and gives clothes a unique and inimitable look. Parisian always remember the comfort and convenience, they do not follow fashion trends blindly and thoughtlessly. They prefer their own taste, but not the recommendations of glossy magazines; they prefer slight negligence, but not deliberate forethought.

It is not a coincidence that the image of a French facionista is associated with a variety of scarves and neckerchiefs. It is also associated with hats that “give zest” to the whole image. On the streets of Paris you can always see intricately tied scarves combined with berets, hats and caps.

Paris street fashion 2

Paris street fashion

In a summer time, Parisians prefer to avoid lurid colors and flashy styles. They can wear an ordinary T-shirt with a vest and complement this outfit by a thin scarf; in colder times, a vest can be replaced by a thin coat.

There is no harsh winter in France and therefore there is no need for cumbersome, hamper clothes to save women from cold, unlike in northern countries. All items of clothing which are used by Parisian in winter season are differed by muted shades and lots of accessories. And, of course, ladies in Paris prefer to follow proven traditions that other ladies all over the world try to adopt.