Weekend Update On Using Bible To Defend Roy Moore

OMG! The comedic duo Michael Che and Colin Jost just delivering a blistering attack on Roy Moore on Weekend Update! Check it out! Tired of the careful, measured news coverage from the likes of cable news outlets? You’re not alone! That’s what makes Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update so completely refreshing and hilarious! Michael Che,… Read More »

Sammy Sosa Turns 49

Thanks to a mysterious skin-bleaching product, Sammy Sosa has undergone quite the dramatic transformation over recent years. In honor of the athlete’s 49th birthday, let’s look back at his journey. Men and women use tanning products to make their skin darker ALL.THE.TIME. So why is it so shocking that someone would do the opposite, and… Read More »

The Best Glitter Makeup for Grownups

In the days of school dances and weekend slumber parties, we couldn’t get enough glitter makeup. We’d slather sparkles on every inch of exposed skin. And the chunkier, gooier the glitter, the more we loved it. As our makeup routines matured, many of us left OTT sparkle behind in favor of subtler shimmer products. If you haven’t… Read More »

No Need for Blotox, Here’s How to Make Your Blowout Last Longer

There are many pros to working out. Getting fit (natch), that coveted endorphin rush and feeling wide awake after it’s all over. Seriously, it’s like an espresso shot that gets you through the rest of your day. But one of the major downsides to SoulCycle, hot yoga, CrossFit or even just running in the park… Read More »

Curtain Bangs a la Brigitte Bardot Are Making a Comeback

In addition to being known as one of the first people to sport a bikini in a film (and for some questionable politics), Brigitte Bardot is also credited with making bangs popular back in the day. Specifically, curtain bangs. Her perfectly coiffed center-parted fringe became so iconic that it was due for a comeback. Brigitte… Read More »

Clever Fall Styling Tricks From Zara You Can Try Right Now

The best part of fall, hands down, is getting dressed. (Let’s give it up for layers! Pants and coats rendered in fun new colors! Sweaters and blazers worn stag!) The other best part of fall is updating our wardrobes — seeing September’s runway trends, buying them now. For us, this means a trip to Zara.com (this… Read More »

How to Pull off Clashing Colors Like a Street Style Star

Remember when it was the norm to follow tons of fashion rules? You know—don’t wear white after Labor Day; don’t mix gold and silver jewelry; don’t show your bra; don’t wear oversized clothing if you want to flatter your body, and don’t pair clashing colors together… Ugh. Thankfully, those rules are widely considered way outdated, and… Read More »