Nicole Richie Style Transformation

By | January 3, 2013

Nicole Richie style has transformed a lot since the first time she made her first television debut in 2003. Nicole Richie is a daughter of pop star legend Lionel Richie. Nicole Richie is famous for being a sosialista in Hollywood and is best friend with Hollywood’s most famous sosialista, Paris Hilton. Nicole and Richie made their first television debut in a reality show called Simple Life and since then, people have had their eyes on Nicole to know what kind of outfits she would wear.


nicole richie style 2012

Nicole Richie Style on Her Simple Life Day

Starring on a hit reality show makes America has had their eyes set on Paris and Nicole. Back in 2003, Nicole was the notorious party girl. And her style back then was the style that defined her behavior, wild. Nicole Richie style was rather skimpy. Her style might be anything but boring. There’s always something to talk about her style.

Nicole Richie style during that day was already following the fashion trends. But, she just didn’t know how to wear it right or do the mix and match. Often, her style was something that got loads of critics from the fashion and that made her hired a Hollywood famous fashion stylist named Rachel Zoe to make her look good. Since then, her style have transformed from something that people criticize a lot to something that people look forward to for inspiration.

Nicole Richie Style Today

Her Simple Life appearance has made her famous not only in America but also worldwide. She used to be Paris Hilton’s sidekick, but now they both are equally famous. Nicole Richie is now one of the most famous, influenced fashion icons in the world. She now has her own clothing line ‘House of Harlow’ that started as a jewelry line to one of the favorite celebrity fashion line. Nicole Richie style and how it’s transformed from early 2000 until now has also landed her a role on a NBC television show called Fashion Star where is starring as one of the mentors and judges for the designers.