Nice Eye Makeup Easy Steps Must Try

By | June 29, 2012

Trendy and fashionable in the latest fashion style can not judge you as pretty woman without nice eye makeup application. The nice makeup will complete your entire appearance from your hair into the feet. There are numerous tutorial of how to apply great eye makeup surfacing on internet. Well, it is certainly quite simple to follow since you have the eye makeup cosmetic to do that.

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What you need for Nice Eye Makeup Application

Cosmetic comes in various styles following the latest fashion development. The color, concept, and even brand might be different from one to another. And you must know that those cosmetics are not always suitable for your skin. So ensure that you choose suitable cosmetic to apply nice eye makeup.

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Concealer is main cosmetic you will need for nice eye makeup application. Try to choose a level higher color tone from your skin tone for the concealer. Eye shadow is the second cosmetic you need. Eyelashes curler, eyeliner, and brow pencil are essential for complement. You can also read organize dress up clothes in this site.

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The Steps to Apply Nice Eye Makeup

Apply concealer firstly to cover under eye circle. And then apply eye base on eye lid and follow with eyeliner. Apply colored and neutral eye shadow to give the shade effect. And then highlight your brow with brow pencil, curl the eyelashes, and apply mascara to complete the nice eye makeup.